The Daily Digest: 11-2-08

There should be some fireworks tonight in the final U.S. Senate debate. Tune in to MPR at 7 to listen.

Why, fireworks, you ask? GOP Sen. Norm Coleman tries to turn a negative into a positive by saying Democrat Al Franken and his DFL allies are behind the Texas lawsuit that alleges a Coleman donor funneled money to Coleman. Coleman is running an ad ripping Franken. Franken says the charges are ridiculous. MPR, the Pi Press, the Star Tribune and AP have stories.

DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez calls Coleman a “lying sack of crap.” He later said he regrets saying it.

Franken and Coleman are neck and neck in the latest Star Tribune poll.

Roll Call says the DSCC and the NRSC are spending in record numbers in the state.


Stu Rothenberg calls the Senate race a toss-up.

He says the 6th and 3rd are toss-up/tilt Democratic.

2008 Race for President

Barack Obama is up double digits in the latest Star Tribune poll.

Obama and John McCain are campaigning on Bush turf.

McCain appears on SNL.

Vice-President Dick Cheney endorses McCain.

Obama says he didn’t know his aunt’s illegal status.

Thousands of McCain volunteers flock to PA.

A St. Olaf professor steals John McCain lawn signs.

The Washington Post’s David Broder calls it the best campaign ever.

6th District

With just three days to go before the election, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann tours the St. Cloud V.A. Medical Center with the VA Secretary.

AP and the St. Croix Valley Press take a look at the race.


The Pi Press has a look at the party’s Get Out the Vote efforts.

DNC Chair Howard Dean held a rally in St. Cloud.


The Secretary of State’s office says nearly two thirds of newly registered voters are under the age of 30.

There are concerns that a record turnout could stretch polling place workers.

Forum Communications says contrasts in the races will drive the large vote.

Politico says the GOP has offered scant evidence of voter fraud.

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