The Daily Digest: 11-1-08

The three major party candidates for U.S. Senate will campaign across the state today in the final weekend before Election Day.

Norm Coleman says “Stop Attacking my Family” and denies money was funneled to his wife. The Star Tribune says another lawsuit has been filed by shareholders and interviews the former CEO of the company. MPR, The Pi Press and AP also have stories.

MPR says businesses and unions are closely watching the race because of the Employee Free Choice Act.

The final U.S. Senate debate is Sunday evening.

3rd District

The Star Tribune profiles the race.

6th district

The Star Tribune profiles the race.

Race for President

Barack Obama and John McCain make their final push.

McCain criticizes Obama’s recent comments on farming.

The two candidates differ sharply on ethanol.

Obama’s Aunt from Kenya may be in the U.S. illegally.

McCain is forced to campaign in Arizona.

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