Studying the parties on election night

MPR reporter Toni Randolph sends along this report from the MN GOP’s party in Bloomington:

One of the people at the Republican’s election night headquarters at the Sheraton Hotel in Bloomington was 18-year-old Brendan Grant. He voted in his first election today — and he voted for Democrat Barack Obama. Grant admitted he felt a little awkward on GOP turf, but he was there by invitation — the GOP invited his political science class at Carelton College to its election night festivities. He and some of his Democratic-leaning classmates said the visit was enlightening and it will help with their education.

The class is visiting GOP headquarters for about an hour before moving on to the Democratic headquarters. But while the students were there, they picked up some swag — fake hockey pucks with Sarah Palin’s picture and the words “Minnesota’s WILD about Sarah.” Grant smiled as he stuffed one in his pocket. “To be completely honest, I don’t really like Sarah Palin as a politician, but I think she has been absolutely fantastic as entertainment.” Grant suggested that Republicans add collars for pit bulls and lipstick to its grab bag.

  • Dan Miles

    Good to hear that my nephew is keeping up with his usual passion for politics!