Coleman wants to protect ballots, Franken raises money for recount

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman’s campaign has sent letters to county election officials requesting that they keep a visual guard over the ballots. Meanwhile, Democrat Al Franken’s campaign has sent a fundraising letter to supporters for their recount fund. Here’s the letter:

Dear Friend,

What an amazing night! Together, we brought real change to our state and to our country by electing Barack Obama President of the United States.

Here in Minnesota, it was a LONG night, too. And now that all of the precincts have reported in, this race is STILL too close to call. The gap between Al Franken and Norm Coleman? Just ONE ONE-HUNDREDTH of a percentage point.

Under Minnesota law, that triggers an automatic statewide recount. And that means our work isn’t done quite yet. We are going to put staff in place in every county in Minnesota to ensure that every vote is properly counted. And we need you to help fund our effort.


Believe it or not, this race isn’t over. And it looks like it will be decided by just a few votes. We need every resource we can muster to ensure that Minnesotans’ voices are heard – and to make sure that every vote is properly counted.

So please rush your emergency contribution today. And stay tuned for updates.

Thank you for everything,

Stephanie Schriock

Campaign Manager

Al Franken for Senate

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