Chuck Todd handicaps Minnesota

NBC’s Chuck Todd offers this analysis of Minnesota in his state by state look:

Minnesota: Forget the presidential race, there’s no better campaign for political junkies like myself than the nutty three-way Senate race between Norm Coleman, Al Franken and ex-Sen. Dean Barkley (remember, Jesse Ventura appointed Barkley to the Senate for the remaining days of the late Paul Wellstone’s term). It’s a crazy race; I think there’s even a five percent chance the third party candidate wins. That said, I guess Franken is the very slight favorite. It’s been a roller-coaster. A Franken win would be the ultimate culmination of what’s been the convergence of everyday politics and satire. I can’t wait to see how Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the “SNL” folks deal with a Sen. Franken. Tip: Democrats could pick up two more House seats, including suddenly vulnerable Michelle Bachmann’s seat and another open seat.

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