Tinklenberg hits $620 k in donations

An official with Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg’s campaign says the 6th District DFLer raised $620 thousand since GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann made her comments on Friday.

The source said another surge in donations occurred after former Secretary of State Colin Powell cited Bachmann as one of the reasons he endorsed Barack Obama. Powell called her comments “nonsense” during a briefing with reporters. You can watch his entire briefing here.

  • ben

    I gave Tinklenberg $50 after I heard about this. Not necessarily because I think it will make that much of a difference, but mostly because I wanted to show Bachmann that people like her do not represent what much of Minnesota is about and that comments and tactics such as the ones she chooses to use are not welcome in Minnesota. Good luck Tinklenberg, the majority of Minnesotans are behind you!

  • eric

    Seems clear to me that General Colin Powell has just a wee bit more credibility when it comes to representing america’s values versus Ms. Bachmann. I sincerely hope that Minnesotans will do the right thing this year. Some cancers really do just need to be removed.

  • VA Voter

    I’m one of the many nationwide who contributed to Congresswoman Bachman’s opponent, El Tinklenberg, as a result of her alarming comments on MSNBC. This nut must be removed from the public payroll. Regrettably I’m unable to vote against her, but I pray Minnesotans in the 6th district will.

  • Tom

    I contributed to El Tinklenberg’s campaign immediately after hearing Bachmann’s reprehensible comments. I don’t live in the district, but we are all Americans, and we need to stand up to the kind of cheap bullying that defines Michelle Bachmann and her ilk.

  • simkmer

    Formally from your state, now living in Florida, I too donated money in protest of Bachmann’s statements in the Hardball interview. Minnesotans are good people and I believe they will not re-elect her.

  • Ginny

    I too was put over the edge by Bachmann’s anti-americanism, so felt it my duty to donate to Tinklenberg, a true patriot.

  • Karen

    A friend who lives in the Sixth District sent an email asking me to consider contributing to Mr. Tinklenberg after Congresswoman Bachmann spoke her piece about Senator Obama. I was happy to do so, because as a Minnesotan I am tired of being embarrassed because Ms. Bachmann is a member of the Minnesota congressional delegation and regularly calls into question not only her own intelligence and wisdom and that of those who elected her as well.

    I’m delighted to learn that Mr. Tinklenberg is reaping the benefits of Ms. Bachmann’s loose tongue. I stand ready to contribute more if it will help to get Mr. Tinklenberg elected and deliver us from any more absurd diatribes by Ms. Bachmann.

  • newyorker

    I’d like to applaud Minnesota’s reaction to Bachmann’s McCarthyesque statements. No one will ever compare you guys with the ignorant people in the bible belt.

  • Tamara Carrillo

    I am from California and was completely disgusted by the divisive and hateful comments of Ms. Bachman. I have encouraged all family and friends to contribute to her opponents campaign but we really want to do more. Are there any phone banking opportunities out there where people from other states can help to ensure that people who share hateful views such as Ms. Bachman’s are not re-elected?

  • Gil R

    I, too, was incensed by Bachman’s remarks, sent money to Tberg.

  • Ima Merricun

    I hope the media starts and ends its investigation into who is anti-American with Congresscritter Bachmann

  • karin

    I am in Los Angeles and contributed to Mr. Tinklenberg after hearing Ms. Bachman’s despiclable remarks. Doesn’t she remind you of that lady in Florida who lost her re election bid, Katherine Harris?

  • An Arizonan here who gave to Tinklenberg!

    Her comments were divisive and disgusting, and I hope Minnesotans reject her for re-election

  • AmericaFirst

    Could this be Michelle Bachmann’s “macaca” moment of reckoning?

    America should be so lucky, but it isn’t.

  • Marilee

    I am from NC and an independent voter. I stand with all these other contributors who are tired of the nastiness of the republican party…they are a disgrace to the “spirit of America”. Their mantra is an “Offense is the best Defense”…

  • WallyHawaii

    I usually do not donate outside the state of Hawaii unless I see someone who just does not get that diversity is our strength not our weakness.

    Thank you

    Independent from Hawaii

  • Steve

    I, too, am from outside Minnesota and contributed to El Tinklenberg. I hope the voters in MN’s 6th district do the right thing and vote for him, even if for no other reason than embarrassment over having elected that wingnut two years ago.

  • Maezeppa

    I gave $10. It wasn’t much but I’m poor!

  • Mia

    This woman just doesn’t know when to shut up. From now on, every time she opens her mouth, I’m donating $10. I’m up to $50 so far. I have a feeling this is gonna cost me. I may as well just click to send $500 and be done with it.

    I can’t help it. I guess Bachmann would call me a “liberal elitist with money burn” from on of those “anti-American” parts of the country.

  • Doug

    When I first hear Bachmann’s comments, I followed a link to ActBlue (contribution site) and it was at around $63,000. I hit the refresh and it had gone up a couple of hundred dollars.

    Every few minutes, I hit the refresh and I was blown away because in the course of about 15 minutes, the amount had gone up around $3000.00 in what looked like $50.00 to $100.00 increments.

    We’re in the 6th so we have been trying to get this crazy woman exposed for years. We knew it was going to be just a matter of time before the world saw what we saw.

    I called Bachmann’s Woodbury office to get a comment but they cut me off and said I could go to her website for information. Before I hung up, I made sure they had the ActBlue site so they could see the damage themselves.

    It was truly a wonderful day in the 6th.

  • David Johnson

    I, took immediately contributed $350 to Tinklenberg upon witnessing the Bachman outrageous tirade on MSNBC.

    As a displaced, third-generation Minnesotan I am disgusted to see my home state represented by a McCarthyite hate-monger like Bachman.

    With two long wars and looming recession setting the stage for scapegoating, I pray that Bachman’s defeat will send an unmistakable message to other Joe McCarthy wannabees: witch-hunts and epithets like “anti-American” have no place in American politics.

  • Gri Jalco

    I just contributed $25 to the campaign of Mr. Tinklenberg. A man I don’t even know in a state that I DON’T reside in but I was SO shocked after hearing the comments by Rep Bachmann on “HARDBALL” with Chris Matthews that I had to act.

    My little contribution might not add up to much but it is all I can afford right now. I can afford to skip a meal or two but I can’t afford to see a lady like this in the US Congress!

    I thought McCarthyism died in the 50’s but Rep Bachmann comments led me to believe that it is alive and well and resides in MN!!

    This lady truly scares me!!

  • Nclghtning

    I don’t want to wish ill on anyone, but I hope she is crying herself to bed each night since her idiotic remarks. The thought of that, along with my donation to Tinklenberg, puts a smile on my face. I’m certain she’s amazed at the response since she always got warm receptions on fox news and her pal Ann coulter believes Mccarthy was an American hero.

  • Misty

    I would pray that those in MN will NOT keep her in office. She is a poor representation of anyone in any state. She needs to crawl into a hole and never be seen or heard from again.

    Its a pity to see OUR elected representatives spout such hateful things as she did. Shows you the mentality of some in this great Nation and it makes me sick. But then listening to the McCain people, Palin and some of their supporters, its showing what the Republican brand is lowering itself in recent years. Enough of the Rove dirty tactics. Its time the GOP grew up and joined the human race.

    I dont live in MN but I know those who do will have better common sense than to put her back in office.

  • RH

    Dag Nabbit. Rep Bachmann just cost me $500 – and I don’t even live in MN.

    Seriously, the kind of vitriol displayed so self-righteously in front of a national audience cannot be tolerated. Her comments were not limited to her constituency and they promoted no solutions to issues of our day. Indeed they reflected a small-minded and dangerous political philosophy that would quell any discussion or dissent if it were ever mainstreamed – an intolerance that would rot the very core of this grand social experiment we call America. Such demagoguery must be crushed.

    Mr. Tinklenberg, you are welcome to my donation wisely and best of luck. Many are counting on you.

  • autahn

    I’m from Utah and after hearing Rep. Bachmann’s disgusting comments, I just had to contribute to El Tinklenberg. Get this extremist out of office, Minnesota!

  • Andy

    Powell lied us into an unnecessary war. He has no more credibilty than Bachmann. They are both dispicable.

  • Bachmann – she is so, so, so …


    What a vacant look she has in her eyes when she speaks.

    Lights are on and there ain’t nobody home.

    No way, no how. That Bachmann house is vacant.

  • Stephanie

    From Arkansas and I’m tossing some cash into the kitty! Tired of stupid….

  • Brenda Lewis

    I heard Bachman and immediately sent the guy $50. It wasn’t a huge amount, but apparently a great many people found her disgusting and somebody who needed replacing. I bet the broad is going to regret what she said.

  • Boston Voter

    To now see that Rep. Bachman is claiming that her comments were “mis-read”, which in it’s idiocy makes her even more pathetic, just iced the cupcake for me. $50 here from non-American Boston.

    We must crush them, we must leave them in chaos, with no leaders, in a circular firing squad of blame. The rest of us will clean up after their mess.

  • Dewey Seid

    It is amazing that politicians like Bachman are abhorrant Democratic principles and would promote an American fascism that purges anyone “They” don’t view one of them. The Fascist did this in Germany permitting the rise of Nazism. Macarthism was fascism and is un-american. I went to Tinklenberg’s website and donated. I’m an American who want The United States to remain a Democracy.

  • Siggak

    Bachmann is a stain in the underwear of America.

  • Jersey Bob

    I also sent Tinklenberg a few dollars (using ActBlue) after hearing Rep. Bachman vomit her McCarthyite filth. Since I live far away, I hope the people of MN-6 do the right thing and send her packing.

    Whether they do or not, Bachman is unfit for public office. Nancy Pelosi needs to start the process of expelling Bachman from the chamber.

  • Chris Herz

    Bachmann is pretty loopy but so are the largest single faction of American voters: White church-goers. That is why she and her sister-in-the-spirit Sarah Palin make perfect leaders for this group.

    It’s amazing that a modern nation has so abandoned the education of its workers that these wierdo cults and their corrupt preachers have such sway over the minds of so many.

  • ornerydem

    Chalk up $20.00 from Nevada. Not much, but what with local candidates, Congressman Kucinich, Al Franken, & Senator Obama — it all adds up — hopefully to a brighter future for us all.

  • Mary Ann

    I sent a small donation too. I’ve lived in Florida virtually all my life but we all need to support getting extremists out of office everywhere in this country. We are pulling for you, Mr. Tinklenberg!

  • Joseph Conrad

    After I heard Bachmann’s remarks on MSNBC I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EARS! Since the Civil War, my family has supported this nation with the Blood & their strength!


  • eb

    Now add these comments to the Censure Bachmann campaign: http://www.censurebachmann.com/

  • Steve

    I sent Tinklenberg $25 through ActBlue as soon as I finished watching that Hardball interview. No one in elected office should be calling people “anti-American” or “pro-American” just because of who they want to vote for. Despicable speech! Like others from outside the state (I’m in Massachusetts), I regret not also getting a chance to also vote her out of office.

  • I live next door in Wisconsin but I gave $50 to help defeat the odious Ms. Bachmann. With any luck, she’ll slip back under the slimy rock the GOP pulled her out from under. We no longer require the services of intolerant bigots in our national politics, thank you very much.

  • Steve P

    I’m in TN and in for $20.

  • Aaron in Maine

    Count me in from Maine. Just donated 20 bucks.

  • Willrayu

    As a native born Floridian and a proud Democrat still living in backward thinking Florida I will contribute $25.00 to the Tinklenberg campaign. The Republican Party has no ideas for improving America so they trot out mindless morons like Ms. Palin and Ms. Bachmann to appeal to the hate mongers and knuckle draggers who are the base of the Republican Party. It seems that the base only wants stupid, ignorant fools to represent them. Hopefully the good people of Minnesota will throw out the hate spewing Ms. Bachmann.


  • Paolo

    I live in Arizona and donated to Tinklenberg after seeing that Witch on Hardball.

    I cannot believe that in the 21st century this woman is thinking like the 1950s.

  • Jim

    Texan here for $25.00. Bye bye Bachmann.

  • Lars

    To me, Bachmann’s comments calling for an investigation of Congress for anti-American values is even more of an outrage than what she said about Obama, which was McCarthyist enough. Tinklenberg has another $100 from me!

  • Chris Tyler

    Yep, I too donated as a result of Bat Crazy Bachmann’s comments. In fact I sent a message to their campaign letting them know Bachmann has turned into a campaigner for her opponent and thanked them for helping me get involved.

  • magicmary

    My donation came from New Mexico! I couldn’t let that ladies bs walk so I made my money talk. Thanks to all who donated to take a stand against this kind of vileness.

    Minnesota, I love you and may be your neighbor some day der hey!

  • chabuka

    The less anti-American right-wing nut jobs like Bachmann (Hannity, Limbaugh, Malkin..the list is long…) we have in Congress on the radio or TV, the better!!!..I think we citizens (most of us) are all weary of War, Hate, Intolerance and Spite…..(hateful ideology is Un-American!)

  • Patty

    Sadly, I’m in her district.

    Her comments on Hardball are typical of the views she has held for years.

    Although it’s embarrassing to our state, it’s good that her views gained nationwide exposure. Collectively, as a nation, we can put our foot down and give the message through our contributions and votes that “enough is enough”.

    I also contributed to $100 to Tinklenberg.

  • jackie

    After watching the video of Bachmann on Hardball this morning, I immediately sent a donation to Tinklenberg’s campaign. I already knew him to be a worthy candidate, but felt compelled to act against Bachmann’s ignorance and divisiveness. As a Minnesota resident, I’m embarrassed that she is representing our state. Now, it’s time for Minnesota voters to show her the door!

  • A.C. Clarke

    My wife and I have contributed from similar motives to the opponent of another rightwing nut case (perhaps even a bigger one than Bachman), Steve King of Iowa. If Bachman is an embarrassment to sane Minnesotans, it’s difficult to exaggerate what King is to Iowans. Furthermore, whil Bachman is the hot button now, King is routinely and arrogantly to be found on the floor of the House, making simiiarly stupid and offensive remarks.

    Salon.com recently named him one of the “Ten Worst” members of Congress.

    His opponent is Rob Hubler.

    Here’s just a taste of Iowa’s premier nutcase bigot:

    “I don’t want to disparage anyone because of their race, their ethnicity, their name – whatever their religion their father might have been,” he said. “I’ll just say this: When you think about the optics of a Barack Obama potentially getting elected President of the United States — I mean, what does this look like to the rest of the world? What does it look like to the world of Islam?”

  • Willrayu

    Hello from beautiful Florida. Earlier I said I would contribute $25.00 to the Tinklenberg campaign however I just contributed $50.00. I believe that $50.00 is well spent to fight the kind of Fascism and hate spewed by Ms. Bachmann and others like her.


  • I just contributed 25.00 to Mr. Tinklenbergs campaign. I just want to get the message to Ms. Bachman. I hope every penny Mr. Tinklenberg raises sends her a clear message. She needs to be out of office for good.

  • Michelle Moustakas

    I live in Philadelphia, which, HORRORS, according to Sara Palin must not be pro-American since it is a BIG city, but I am very proud to do a very patriotic thing and contribute $25.00 to Mr. Tinklenberg to support him in his bid to unseat Bachman. After listening to her spew such vitriole on Hardball, and then seeing it again several times on U-tube, it is clear that she is the one who is really anti-american.

    I agree that Speaker Pelosi should institute the process of removing her from the chamber, or at the least censuring her, and will be sending her an e-mail to that effect.

    By the way, in an earlier comment on this post, someone referred to white church goers as the single most loopy group. Please don’t do that – I am a white church goer – and I consider comments like that to also be divisive and just drags us all down to their level.

  • harold larson

    As a resident of Minnesota’s 6th District, and as someone who knows Tinklenberg from Minnesota’s Department of Transportation, I want to personally thank all those people from across our nation who have responded to Bachmann’s outrageous comments and have contributed to Tinklenberg’s campaign over the last three days.

  • John Wrightington

    I live in Dallas Texas but lived in Burnsville for several years. I donated to his campaign after a) listening to this hate monger on Friday and b) after the reference by General Powell – in a very very good endorsement speech on Meet The Press.

    Tinklenberg needs all of our support not only to protest Bachman’s moronic behavior but to bring in a very good man to represent the good folks of Minnesota!

  • Brenda

    I’m in Arizona but I just donated..a small amount but I hope I am part of a bigger message. I may be a Democrat but I am a small town, hard working, pro-American who actually believes in God…GASP!


    i just donated an large amt to him as well let’s keep his oppont talking ………….. and more importantly uot of that office…

  • barbara

    i’ve met mr. tinklenberg and he is a gentleman. he is a moderate, sensible democrat, much more typical of minnesotans than ms bachmann.

    sadly, i live in the 6th. thank you all in supporting the effort not only to get rid of a bad politician, but to help us elect a good one.

  • Helen

    I was watching Hardball Friday night and was astounded by Bachman’s comments. I am from Illinois and also just donated to Tinklenberg’s campaign. I don’t know him, but this woman and these kinds of comments need to be stopped. Why do some people want to divide our country? I just don’t understand.

  • Lisa

    Oregonian sending $50. Calling out to all patriots to stop the maddness. Thanks

  • SallyP

    Born, raised and educated in Ann Arbor, MI, pro-choice, anti-gun, believe diversity is a GREAT thing and our leaders should be inclusive not exclusive. So I suppose certain people would think I’m about the lowest of the low.

    But my money spends as well as anyone’s and Mr. Tinklenberg now has some of it.

    Come on MN-6th! Show them what “Real Americans” can do when we pull together instead of letting them pull us apart.

  • Dev

    Where is Mr. Tinklenberg’s official website to donate? I am sick listening to Bachmann hate message. As someone said she is a cancer cell that should not be in Congress representing anyone. Please Minnesotans drive her out of her office so she can preach hatred in her bedroom. She is an insult to Great American story to the world. She calls herself God’s child. No.. she is devil trying to harm God. She is no different from Mullahs in Iran who have no tolerance of people who look different or from different religion. What a shame! I am conservative and pro-life. But, I don’t want to impose my views on others or denigrate others for personal views. I am against late-term abortion period except for mother’s life. No human being is pro-abortion. Why don’t these idiots recognize that? I am, I guess, liberal in choosing that right for others.

  • Brian

    Add another $100 for Tinklenberg by a moderate independent from Virginia. Bachmann doesn’t deserve to be in Congress after those type of nasty comments.

  • Sam

    Donate here to stop Bachmann:


  • Rob

    Bachmann’s ridiculous comments prompted this resident of the US Virgin Islands (yes, we follow stateside politics down here) to donate $100 to Tinklenberg’s campaign. A few minutes ago, I donated another $100. I live far away from Minnesota, but I know evil when I see it. She is an evil person. -Rob

  • Glen in Texas

    I also sent $50 to Tinklenberg when I heard Ms. Bachmann’s comments. Good luck to you sir. We need decent Americans in Congress. Reasonable people can disagree reasonably, but with her comments she illustrates the divisive paranoia that is the enemy of all civil people.

  • Russell

    $25 from a lowercase democrat in Missouri who was utterly appalled by Bachmann’s statements. Go T-berg!!