The Daily Digest: 10-30-08

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg square off this morning at 11 on MPR’s Midday.

The Pi Press has profiles of Bachmann and Tinklenberg.

MPR says facts don’t support Bachmann’s ad.

Bachmann is spending big in the final days of the campaign.

An Illinois Congressman stumps with Tinklenberg.

WCCO goes on the trail with both candidates.

Stu Rothenberg says the NRCC made the right choice by not spending money on Bachmann.

3rd District

KARE says the NRCC darkened DFL candidate Ashwin Madia’s skin in an ad that rips him.

Focus on the Family is backing Republican Erik Paulsen.

All three candidates will meet in a forum at UnitedHealth today.

1st District

The Mankato Free Press says DFL Rep. Tim Walz hasn’t slowed down.

2nd District

GOP Rep. John Kline and DFLer Steve Sarvi will also debate the issues on Midday this morning. Sarvi just released a new ad that criticizes Kline for voting for the bailout. MPR points out that Sarvi said he would have voted for the bailout.

MinnPost ponders whether Sarvi can win.

5th District

The I-P candidate pickets the Star Tribune.

Race for President

Former President Bill Clinton campaigns in Minneapolis tonight for Barack Obama and DFL U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken. Clinton campaigned in Florida yesterday with Obama.

The latest MPR/U of M poll shows that Barack Obama widens his lead over John McCain in Minnesota.

Obama goes primetime with his 30 minute ad. McCain criticizes him.

McCain is pushing an Obama connection to a professor who has alleged ties to the PLO.

McCain is robocalling in his home state of Arizona.

McCain says race won’t determine the election. Obama said he’s not worried about the Bradley Effect during his appearance on Comedy Central.

Race for Senate

I-P candidate Dean Barkley will release his first TV ad this afternoon. Question: Where will this run since Bachmann and Tinklenberg are buying up every inch or remaining TV real estate?

Barkley is asking for donations and support.

Coleman stumps in Bemidji and East Grand Forks today.

Pawlenty stumped with Coleman in St. Cloud and Willmar yesterday.

Franken calls for probe into how banks are using bailout money. He also campaigned in Winona.

The Pi Press says the candidates are making the final push.

Coleman is leading in the latest Rasmussen Poll.

AP says Franken and Coleman agree that the race may determine if the Senate has a filibuster proof majority.

MinnPost goes on the trail with Franken, Barkley and Coleman.

The St. Cloud Times profiles the race.

Roll Call says Democrats see a big majority on the horizon.

Franken writes an op-ed on health care.

ENPR ranks the race as Leaning Democratic Takeover.

Race for Legislature

Gov. Pawlenty is working to keep the DFL from getting a veto-proof majority in the House.

Pawlenty will campaign for former GOP Rep. Bill Kuisle today in Rochester.

Candidates in House 4A (Bemidji) debate eldercare.


Secretary of State Mark Ritchie says an outside group (Minnesota Majority) is conducting voter intimidation by questioning voters at home. He wants an investigation. AP, the Star Tribune and KARE have stories.

Counties are bracing for a huge turnout.

Absentee voting is brisk.

A group launches a push to require voter ids at the polls.

MinnPost takes a look at GOTV efforts.

School funding

MPR has a look at Minneapolis school referendum.

Arts and Outdoors Amendment

Forum Communications says the Legacy’s price tag goes up.


The U.S. economy got smaller in the 3rd Quarter.

ExxonMobil posts the biggest profit in U.S. history.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is pushing infrastructure for job creation.

GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad weighs in on a second stimulus package.

NWA Merger

Delta closes the deal with Northwest Airlines. The Pi Press and MPR have stories.

State Government

The transit tax is bearing fruit as projects get more money.


Philly ends the title drought. Grandma’s happy.

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