The Daily Digest: 10-29-08

Nearly 3,000 Republicans attended a conservative Talk the Vote rally in Minneapolis last night. GOP Sen. Norm Coleman, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and others attended.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman calls on Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens to resign. So does John McCain.

Coleman campaigns again today with Gov. Pawlenty. Democrat Al Franken campaigned with DFL Amy Klobuchar. MPR, WCCO, KARE, Forum Communications and the Rochester Post-Bulletin have stories.

I-P candidate Dean Barkley says he’ll start running a TV ad this week.

Franken will hold a news conference this morning to call on hearings on the misuse of bailout funds.

Klobuchar also campaigned in Louisiana.

A new ad slams Coleman on judicial nominations.

The GOP takes out a loan to help Senate candidates like Coleman.

The former president of the Prairie Island Indian community makes the case for Coleman in this op-ed.

6th District

CQ says the 6th is now a No Clear Favorite because of GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s comments on Hardball.

Bachmann’s DFL challenger, Elwyn Tinklenberg, talks vet issues in St. Cloud.

MinnPost writes the Michele Bachmann’s latest claim is that her DFL opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg, broke the law.

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota drops lit in the 6th that rips Bachmann and Coleman.

The Minnesota Independent finds that GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann gave funds linked to a Tom Petters associate to a group tied to Petters.

The St. Cloud Times profiles the 6th.

Stu Rothenberg is ranking the 3rd District and the 6th District as toss-up/tilt Democratic.

3rd District

A KSTP/Survey USA poll shows the race as too close to call.

Human Events profiles the 3rd.

A Colorado Democrat (who is also running for Congress) is helping DFLer Ashwin Madia with some money.

2008 Race for the Courts

MinnPost, MPR and the Star Tribune write about the Supreme Court races. MPR’s Midday will take a look at one of the races today.

2008 Race for President

Barack Obama will hold a thirty minute primetime advertisement tonight on network and cable TV.

Obama and John McCain will barnstorm Florida.

Obama’s folks pound McCain’s health adviser for a calling McCain’s health care plan radical and unaffordable. He later said that Obama was distorting his words.

Bill Clinton will hold a rally at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Thursday night.

Obama will campaign in Iowa on Friday.

A new poll says Obama is ahead or tied in eight key states.

McCain says the pundits have been misled and that he’ll win.

Gov. Pawlenty said it will be difficult for McCain to win MN.

Newflash! Joe the Plumber backs McCain.

2008 Race for the Legislature

AP and the Star Tribune say House DFLers outraise the House GOP in campaign money. AP and the Star Tribune have stories.

The Pi Press says the House candidates aren’t talking about the deficit.

The Pi Press lists 11 competitive House races in the Metro.

Arts and Outdoors Amendment

The Star Tribune writes about the proposal.

Former Vikes Coach Bud Grant and TV personality Ron Schara campaign for the sales tax increase. Forum Communications and the Pi Press have stories.

MPR’s Midday will hold a mini-debate on the proposal this morning.


The Pi Press and KARE say both parties are organizing massive Get Out the Vote campaigns.


Stocks surge to its second best day ever.

Two Minnesota mines have been idled because of the downturn in the steel market. AP, MPR and the Star Tribune have stories.

Consumer confidence plunges.

Minnesota banks are still willing to lend despite the credit crunch.

Hospitals are reporting a sudden drop in elective procedures.

State Government

New federal regulations on graduation rates have school officials worried.

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