The Daily Digest: 10-28-08

Gov. Pawlenty will campaign with GOP Sen. Norm Coleman today.

Former President Bill Clinton will campaign in Minnesota on Thursday night for DFLer Al Franken and Barack Obama.

The visits come as Stu Rothenberg calls Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race as the only toss-up.

Both Coleman and DFLers are denouncing a mailer released by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Democrats want Coleman to apologize on behalf of his party and stop campaigning to head the NRSC. MPR, the Star Tribune, KARE, the Pi Press, Forum Communications, KSTP and MinnPost have stories.

DFLer Al Franken campaigned in northwestern Minnesota. He and DFL Rep. Collin Peterson visited a farm.

Bloomberg also takes a look at the race.

Anti-Norm Coleman graffiti is found in Minneapolis.

2008 Race for President

Barack Obama and John McCain begin the push in the final days.

Obama is promising unity over division.

McCain dials back his ad spending in Minnesota.

The feds thwart an assassination plot against Obama.

The New York Times says some are second guessing Palin’s pick. Pawlenty is mentioned.

2008 Race for Congress

The 4th and 5th District candidates will be on Midday today for a debate.

3rd District candidates define their differences in the final debate.

DFLer Ashwin Madia and Republican Erik Paulsen won’t condemn the negative ads.

The National Journal and the Washington Times take a look at the 6th.

Politico says Bachmann’s comments rattled her race for Congress (Norm Coleman is also mentioned.).

The Star Tribune mentions Bachmann in a story on Tom Petters.

CQ calls the 6th No Clear Favorite.

The Minnesota Independent says 2nd District DFLer Steve Sarvi and DFL Rep. Tim Walz also improve their chances.

KAAL takes a look at where DFL Rep. Tim Walz and Republican Brian Davis stand on taxes.

Davis will hold a news conference on taxes today. I’m told Walz held the news conference.

Forum Communications profiles the race in the 8th District.

2008 Race for the Legislature

Former Republican Rep. Ron Erhardt is running as an Independent this year. MPR takes a look at the race.

The Pi Press takes a look at two of the more competitive districts, House District 56B and HD 38A.

The Bemidji Pioneer takes a look at HD 4A.

Race for the Courts

Minnesota has two contested Supreme Court seats.


Asian markets rebound, European markets open higher.

Older Americans are hit hard by the turmoil.


The Star Tribune examines split ticket voters.

MPR’s Midmorning will take a look at the undecided voter at 9.

GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad says Republicans are looking at a disaster in November.

Get Out the Vote efforts are being ramped up.

St. Kate’s students protest the school’s ban on political speakers.


Political graffiti has spread to Missouri.

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