The Daily Digest: 10-26-08

The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press both endorse GOP Sen. Norm Coleman for Senate.

The New York Times and NBC Nightly News also profile the U.S. Senate race.

The Houston Chronicle says Minnesota’s Senate race is one that could determine a filibuster proof majority.

Coleman is warning about “one party rule.”

The Pi Press profiles DFLer Al Franken.

So does the L.A. Times.

The Star Tribune profiles I-P candidate Dean Barkley.

Franken and former VP Walter Mondale stump in Austin. Coleman visited Park Rapids.

2008 Race for President

The Star Tribune backs Barack Obama for president.

The Independence Party doesn’t endorse a presidential candidate. The Pi Press and AP have stories.

The New York Times Magazine has an inside look at John McCain’s campaign. Gov. Pawlenty is mentioned.

McCain says “Don’t write us off just yet.” He appeared on Meet the Press this morning.

AP takes a look at McCain’s strategy in the final days.

Obama mocks McCain’s ties to President Bush.

Former President Bill Clinton will campaign with Obama.

McCain and Palin will barnstorm PA next week.

The New York Times profiles John McCain and Barack Obama.

GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin is at odds with McCain’s aides.

2008 Race for Congress

The Pi Press says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s gaffe is a gift to DFL challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg.

The AFL-CIO gets into the race.

The Pi Press also says the 3rd District race is a squeaker.

2008 Race for the Courts

Forum Communications takes a look at the race for Minnesota’s Supreme Court seat.


Absentee voting has surged in the Twin Cities.

Hmong voters rank domestic concerns as their top issue.


The Star Tribune says the recession’s sting in the state will be long and deep.

State Government

The Star Tribune quotes some unnamed sources that say the National Transportation Safety Board will say the I-35W bridge was doomed from the start.