The Daily Digest: 10-16-08

Joe the Plumber leads the Digest. Both candidates make pitches to Joe in the final debate.

WCCO Reality Checks the statements around Joe the Plumber.

Gov. Pawlenty praises McCain’s performance.

The debate followed another bad day on the markets. The European and Asian markets are dropping as well.

The RNC pulls out of Wisconsin to protect the red states.

Cindy McCain, requested, and got cell phone coverage.

Obama’s 30 minute commercial will delay the World Series by 18 minutes.

Both presidential campaigns are working the sportsmen vote hard in northern Minnesota.

The husband of GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin, Todd Palin, will campaign in northern Minnesota today and tomorrow.

The Independence Party of Minnesota may endorse for president.

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn will be in Blaine today.

2008 Race for Senate

Another debate is scheduled for tonight. Duluth is the host.

DFLer Al Franken raises more than GOP Sen. Norm Coleman. MPR, the Star Tribune and AP have stories.

Coleman defends his vote on the bailout bill in Winona.

I-P candidate Dean Barkley introduces the Voter Empowerment Act.

2008 Race for Congress

DFLer Ashwin Madia and Republican Erik Paulsen are about even in the money race.

UVA Political Science professor Larry Sabato says Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District is a toss-up and Minnesota’s 1st is Likely Democratic.

The Minnesota Independent says Madia is misleading with the Iraq surplus.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum and GOP challenger Ed Matthews squared off at a public forum. They’re running in the 4th.

MPR profiles the 6th. So does MinnPost.

2008 RNC

The Minneapolis St. Paul Host Committee releases its fundraising report. MPR and the Pi Press have stories.

2008 Other

Judge allows exit polling.

State Government

Ford Motor Co. says it’s laying off workers from St. Paul’s plant.

179 bridge victims file collapse claims.

Gov. Pawlenty speaks to the Duluth Chamber of Commerce dinner tonight.


DFL Rep. Tim Walz attends a hearing on Wall St. abuses. He wants to regulate credit default swaps.

The Army says Ratchet the dog will go free. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and DFL Rep. Keith Ellison are mentioned.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar isn’t happy with the FAA’s plan for slot auctions at airports.

  • You linked to MNindy on CD3, but I thought Eric Black’s piece on Paulsen’s tax claims was a fantastic story as well.

  • RG Robins

    Joe the quarter-million-dollar plumber? Give me a break. My eyes are dry from crying over you. And all those persecuted rich people who may have to pay more taxes. Boo hoo. The poor are always getting more than their fair share, right? The rich are rich because they earned it, right? Well, except for those who inherited it, or those who swindled and conned it, or those who lucked into it, or those who “earned” it in the underground economy, or those who stabbed others in the back to get it, but anyway, at least those honest, hardworking rich people earned it, right?

    If you let the rich have more, they’ll work harder. If you give more to the poor, they’ll quit working.

    Did anyone ever think that maybe the poor would respond to incentives, too? Maybe if they had the prospect of a real living wage, more folks on welfare would get a job.

    And let’s think about incentivizing the rich. If a CEO is making $500,000 a year, he must be working pretty hard already. How much harder can he work? Will he really work that much harder for an extra $500K than he would for an extra $250K? And is money the only reason he would work harder? What about pride? Duty? Moral character? Love for his job or for those who depend on him? The desire to help others or serve humanity or please his Maker?

    I say, “to whom much is given, much is required.” An honest person can only get rich in this country because he/she lives in a wealthy society with a good infrastructure that supports the condition for the possibility to generate wealth, as for example consumers who have money to spend and educated people to employ and create the high-tech civilized world we want to live in.

    So, Joe the 1/4 million dollar plumber, quit crying, pay your taxes, and shut up.