The Daily Digest: 10-6-08

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman, DFLer Al Franken and I-P candidate Dean Barkley met in their first debate last night. MPR, the Star Tribune, AP and the Pi Press have stories.

The Pi Press fact checked the debate.

Missed the debate? It will air again today on MPR’s Midday at noon.

Franken leads in the latest Minnesota poll.

Former VP Al Gore campaigned for Franken on Saturday.

The Pi Press profiled Barkley.

Politico says Democrats could hit 60 senate seats.

2008 Race for President

Republican John McCain will hold a townhall in Lakeville on Friday.

The announcement comes as a new poll shows that McCain is losing ground to Democrat Barack Obama in Minnesota.

The candidates aren’t scaling back on their big ticket spending items even after the Wall St. bailout.

Obama goes after McCain on health care. Minnesota surrogates will also ramp up the attack today at events across the state.

The New York Times takes a look at where McCain and Obama stand on Iraq.

The New York Times writes about Obama’s relationship with William Ayres. Sarah Palin and Gov. Pawlenty rip Obama for the relationship. Obame then accuses McCain of fear tactics.

Obama also hits McCain on Keating 5.

The election could also determine the future of the Supreme Court.

The RNC wants an audit of Obama’s campaign contributions.

The Wall Street Journal takes a look at pundit statements that say the race could be over. October surprise, anyone?

2008 Race for Congress

The AP and the Star Tribune take a look at the 3rd.

WCCO also talked with the three candidates. Here are the interviews with Republican Erik Paulsen, DFLer Ashwin Madia and I-P candidate David Dillon.

The Pakistani Americans Political Action Committee backs Madia.

The House GOP worries about big losses.

2008 Race for Legislature

Forum Communications takes a look at the State House races.

DFL House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher talks veto proof majority during a fundraiser in Bemidji.

2008 Other

Forum Communications and the Star Tribune take a look at the proposed constitutional amendment to raise the sales tax for the arts and outdoors.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison will hold a voting rights forum on Monday.

Some pastors are endorsing from the pulpit.


DFLer Tom Bakk holds a townhall in Bemidji.

State Government

State leaders nervously await budget news this week.

The state also delayed a bond sale.

MinnPost says a political dispute over a copper/nickel mine has erupted.


Minnesota lawmakers will unveil a copper theft bill. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad are mentioned.

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