The Daily Digest: 10-3-08

The U.S. House started debating the rescue package for the financial services industry.

GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad says he’s switching his no vote to a yes vote.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson and DFL Rep. Tim Walz say they will still vote no.

VP Debate

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Delaware Senator Joe Biden mix it up. The New York Times says the GOP survived a test. The Washington Post says the two courted middle class voters.

AP says the trains ran on time. AP also fact checks the debate.

Some undecided voters say they’re still undecided.

For what it’s worth (probably not much): Instant polls say Biden won.

Note: If you missed the debate, you can listen to it on the radio today on Midday.

2008 Race for President

A Survey USA poll shows a deadheat in the presidential race in Minnesota (McCain has one point lead which is within the margin of error). GOTV anyone? DFL Rep. Keith Ellison uses a hip hop show to turn out U of M students.

Politico reports that the McCain campaign is sending Michigan resources to Minnesota (the campaign pulled out of Michigan yesterday).

The economy will be front and center again today since a federal report said employers cut 159,000 jobs, the most in more than five years.

Here are the candidate reactions to the jobs report.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson stumped in Minnesota.

2008 Race for Senate

DFLer Al Franken criticizes Norm Coleman for voting for the bailout package. Coleman’s camp said Barack Obama and DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar also voted for the package. KARE, the Star Tribune, MPR and AP have stories.

A Survey USA poll shows GOP Sen. Norm Coleman with a ten point lead over DFLer Al Franken. The reason? I-P candidate Dean Barkley.

Franken’s wife, Franni, talks about being an alcoholic in Franken’s latest ad.

AP says Minnesota’s Senate race makes for toxic TV.

Did Franken buy a place in Martha’s Vineyard? A Boston Herald columnist writes that that’s the word on the street.

A Franken staffer just called and said Franken has not bought a house on Martha’s Vineyard. She said the rumor is “false.”

2008 Race for Congress

The Star Tribune says 1st District Republican candidate Brian Davis paid his property taxes late at his home in Wisconsin. He had also paid his taxes late on his Rochester home as well.

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold will be in Minnesota’s 3rd District for a DFL fundraiser.

The Chamber of Commerce canceled a debate in the 3rd.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann bought a new house.

Activists are criticizing GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and others for pointing blame for the financial crisis.

State Government

Attorney General Lori Swanson is suing the EPA over a waterway loophole.