Sarvi ad rips Kline on bailout

DFL 2nd District congressional candidate Steve Sarvi is attacking his Republican opponent for supporting the $700 billion financial bailout. But his new TV ad doesn’t mention that Sarvi also supported the bailout.

The ad says U.S. Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., “took $783,000 from financial interests, then paid $700 billion to bail them out.”

In an Oct. 13 debate, Sarvi said he would have voted for the final bailout bill, too, albeit reluctantly.

“I would have supported the second one,” Sarvi said.

Sarvi opposed an earlier draft of the bill, because it “didn’t do enough for middle class.” Kline voted for both versions of the bailout.

“This is a financial crisis of historic proportions,” Kline said, adding that he voted for both bills “grudgingly.”

“Nobody likes the idea of giving to anybody $700 billion to spend as he or she sees fit,” he said.

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