Paulsen and Madia play nice in Edina

In constrast to the TV advertisements running on their behalf, DFLer Ashwin Madia and Republican Erik Paulsen made few direct attacks during their debate tonight in Edina.


Left to right: David Dillon, Ashwin Madia and Erik Paulsen are running for Congress in Minnesota’s 3rd District. The seat is currently held by retiring U.S. Rep. Jim Ramstad, R-Minn.

Independence Party candidate David Dillon was more combative.

“Well, excuse me for being so blunt, but what a bunch of baloney from both my opponents,” Dillon said after hearing Madia and Paulsen share their thoughts on reforming Social Security.

Debate Minnesota organized the forum. The three candidates have one more debate, and it will air live on Minnesota Public Radio News. They appear together on Monday, Oct. 27 as part of Midday’s “Meet the Candidates” series.

  • Favorite line of the night: David Dillon talking about final-year-of-life health care costs, and being willing to tell an extremely elderly person he’s unwilling to provide any more expensive procedures, as they (allegedly) do in Europe. Dillon puts a hand on Madia’s arm and rhetorically tells him “I’m sorry, 80-year old Ashwin. It’s time for you to go home.”

    Madia looks Dillon in the eye, and responds, “That’s rough.”

  • berenike

    Mr. Bodell, I second that emotion.