NRCC cancels Bachmann time

The National Republican Congressional Committee has canceled the TV ads it scheduled on Bachmann’s behalf at KSTP, WCCO, Fox 9 and KARE-11. The committee canceled this week’s ads before Bachmann made her controversial comments on Hardball. NRCC officials canceled next week’s buy on Monday but it isn’t clear if Bachmann’s comments prompted the cancellation or the money was needed in a more competitive House seat.

For her part, Bachmann is scheduled to spent more than $600 thousand on ads in the final weeks of the campaign. An official with one TV station said Bachmann and her DFL challenger, Elwyn Tinklenberg, are both continuing to reserve more ad time for the final days of the campaign. Tinklenberg’s ad starting running on Tuesday night.

  • sad statement

    Well, it seems to me the the Republican Party is not interested in wasting any money on Ms Bachmann { McCarthy }. I guess she’s on her own after her remarks. They didn’t believe her when she denied making any such statements. The Money was needed in a more competitive house seat! You have to love it.

  • Karl

    Maybe Bachmann’s BFF, convicted felon and Tom Petters associate Frank Vennes Jr., can help Michele out with a few bucks in addition to the $27,400 he and his wife already have contributed to her. Oops, guess not. His assets have been frozen by a federal judge.