NRCC cancels a week for Paulsen, buys for Bachmann

I checked the ad buys at WCCO-TV today and found that the National Republican Congressional Committee has canceled a week of ads that were scheduled to run on Republican Erik Paulsen’s behalf.

The public file at WCCO shows that the NRCC cancled 66 spots that were reserved between October 14th and October 20th. The political committee still has $216,450 in time reserved from October 21st to election day on Paulsen’s behalf. The NRCC has also reserved time at KSTP, KMSP and KARE. No word yet on whether the ad buys were scaled back at those stations. The NRCC also scaled back the buy at KARE.

The NRCC has been forced to play defense this year so the money reserved for Paulsen may be going to an incumbent in a tough race.

Meanwhile, the NRCC will also run ads on GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s behalf. The NRCC has reserved time on Bachmann’s behalf to run between October 20th and election day (at a cost of about $126k) at WCCO.

Still trying to determine if the NRCC money reserved at the other stations is time for Bachman and Paulsen or just Paulsen. They reserved about $1.1 million at the four stations earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reserved $1.9 million in ads at the four stations. The DCCC started running ads on September 16th and have time booked through election day.

As you already know by this ad and this ad, a lot of the DCCC’s efforts are focused on the match-up between DFLer Ashwin Madia and Republican Erik Paulsen in the 3rd.

  • The NRCC cancelling ads at the same time the DCC releases a poll showing Madia in the lead, shows Madia is in the lead.

    This is not a good sign for Team Paulsen.