Joe doesn’t have a plumbing license

We heard plenty about Joe the plumber last night. AP is reporting he doesn’t have a plumbing license:

HOLLAND, Ohio (AP) _ Joe the plumber says he doesn’t have a plumbing license.

Joe Wurzelbacher said he works for a small plumbing company that does residential work. He said that because he works for someone else, he doesn’t need a license.

Wurzelbacher was cited by Republican candidate John McCain Wednesday night in the presidential debate as an example of someone who wants to buy a plumbing business but would be hurt by Barack Obama’s tax plans. The Democrat said that his tax plan would only affect people making more than $250,000 a year.

Wurzelbacher, 34, said he was surprised that his name was mentioned so many times.

ABC News is also reporting that Joe hasn’t always paid his taxes.

  • Mitchell Bushey

    Joe the Plumber states that Barack Obama will raise his taxes, after Obama stated that for under an income of $250,000 he would get a tax cut.

    Joe now states that he would pay $280,000 for the firm, which means that the income from the firm would be far less than $250,000, or he would get a tax cut.

    Tax cut Joe! tax cut!!

    I also do not believe for an instant that he is undecided, repeating the misleading “Socialism” message of right wing talkers.

  • vegas

    Guess what Joe! You still need a license to practice the profession. You do not need a business license, but you need a plumbers license!