Here’s why they raise all of that money….

MPR News has created a new online database that shows you how much money is being spent on political advertising in the Twin Cities. The candidates, the political committees and the special interest groups have spent more than $30 million to date on TV ads. That number is bound to get bigger as more and more candidates reserve time in the final three weeks of the campaign.

Browse the data to see how much money is being spent, where it’s being spent and which programs are getting the attention.

Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race is getting the most attention. Nearly two thirds of the ads are dedicated to elect either GOP Sen. Norm Coleman and DFLer Al Franken. Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley hasn’t reserved any TV time yet (but he has bought radio).

What do you think? Is the $30 million figure higher than you expected? Is it data helpful? What does it tell you about the races in Minnesota? Let us know…

  • rainman

    Very interesting data….I believe Erik Paulsen was whining about how he’s going to be outspent 4 to 1 in the 3rd CD race, and what do we see…he has spent $600,000 more than Ashwin Madia on TV advertising…and all his except his 1st ad have been “attack” ads, the kind he said he wasn’t running and the kind his mentor, Jim Ramstad, said shouldn’t be used in this race….I guess he really isn’t a Ramstad Republican, the kind that never ran Paulsen’s types of ads. Ashwin Madia agrees with Ramstad….get rid of the negative ads, Erik!