Fake Jesse Ventura

I know Jesse Ventura. I’ve worked with Jesse Ventura. Jesse Ventura isn’t really a friend of mine, but I certainly know the caller to Midday today claiming to be Jesse Ventura is no Jesse Ventura.

He wanted to ask Al Franken a question. Listen for yourself:

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How can you tell it’s not the former governor? The first time he says “Minnesota” he gets the Ventura pronunciation wrong, so he overcompensates the second time he says it.

I don’t know who this really is. Maybe him, or him, or even him. (but probably not him)

In any case, when you call Midday, don’t pretend to be somebody else.

  • Oh man, I was laughing so hard listening to Midday when he came on… now I’m laughing again finding out it was a fake.

  • Zeb

    Thanks for clearing that up, Mike! I couldn’t believe that Gary and Al took that guy seriously.

  • Mike

    You Mike, you’re no Lloyd Benson. Good sleuthing all the same.

  • Obediah

    I don’t mean to doubt you Mike, but has someone confirmed with Mr. Ventura that this was indeed NOT him calling?

  • Mike Mulcahy

    Obediah, he’s not always such an easy guy to get ahold of, so you’ll have to trust me. I have talked to him many times though and listened to a lot of tape of him. I can tell the genuine article from a phony.