DSCC and Coleman pump in last minute dough for ads

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and GOP Norm Coleman are injecting a lot of last minute resources into Minneosa’s Senate race.

A look at ad records at KSTP, WCCO and KARE shows that the DSCC has pumped $1 million in last minute money to help Democrat Al Franken defeat GOP Sen. Norm Coleman. The DSCC increased its last week buy at KSTP by $234 thousand. The political committee also recently injected $241 thousand in ads for the final two weeks of the campaign. The biggest last minute buy was at KARE, $614 thousand for the last two weeks of the campaign.

This is in addition to the other buys already placed. GOP Sen. Norm Coleman is also spending more in the final weeks. He’s also pumped an extra $1 million for ads at KARE, WCCO and KSTP. Check all of the ad buy data here.

  • “Question: Where will this run since Bachmann and Tinklenberg are buying up every inch or remaining TV real estate?”

    Equal access laws will require stations to bump someone’s ad to get his on.

    Disclosure – my company is doing work for Barkley.

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