Daily Digest: 10-1-08

Barack Obama will campaign in La Crosse, Wisconsin this morning. It’s a critical battleground state (states if you include Minnesota and Iowa) for Obama and McCain.

Obama, McCain and Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden will head back to Washington DC to vote on the financial bailout package. The Senate has scheduled a vote for today.

McCain also says that inaction is not an option.

Politico says a nervous GOP is urging McCain to attack. An aide says the McCain campaign is on offense in Minnesota and other states.

The stock market stormed back after speculation increased that a bill will pass. The credit market, however, is still tight.

McCain’s economic adviser appeared on MPR’s Midmorning.

AP takes a look at an actuarial company report that says McCain has a one in four chance of surviving a second term.

2008 Race for Senate

The Hill says Democrats (like Al Franken) are hitting the GOP on social security.

CQ says Minnesota leans Republican.

Former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry gives the DSCC $1 million to help his party get to 60 seats. Franken is a beneficiary.

News-Max takes a look at the race.

2008 Race for Congress

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg and I-P candidate Bob Anderson will debate the issues in Stillwater tonight.

Thursday’s debate in the 1st has been postponed because the House is back in session.

Stu Rothenberg drops Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District from his competitive list.

Erik Paulsen’s campaign hits Ashwin Madia for not having kids or a mortgage. Question: If Paulsen believes it, why isn’t he saying it?

2008 Other

Minnesota breaks its all time voter registration record.


DFL Rep. Collin Peterson may play a big role in negotiating a bailout bill. Peterson held a conference call with members of the Ag Committee to talk about an unspecified issue. He told MPR that they have to focus on derivatives.

The GAO says the FAA lacks the legal authority to allow slot auctions for arrival and departure slots for flights. DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar is mentioned.

The Duluth – Twin Cities rail line is on the federal list. Oberstar is mentioned.

GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad is still hopeful Congress will pass mental health legislation.

State Government

The Minnesota gas tax goes up three cents today.

Gov. Pawlenty visits Great Britain today as a part of his trade mission.

Health care costs are on the rise in Minnesota and that may be reducing demand. Kare11 and Star Tribune have stories.

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