Cook Political Report: 6th now a toss-up

The Cook Political Report moved its rating of Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District from Likely Republican to Toss-Up. Cook’s David Wasserman said he made the move in light of Bachmann’s recent comments. He said Bachmann will be forced to defend her comments over the next two weeks of the campaign.

“Look, this is fodder for Democratic commercials regardless of how she reacts to it. She just made this race much more of a referendum on her. That is a welcome development for Democrats. Democratic ads are likely to be setting the tone and the agenda.”

Bachmann’s DFL challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg now reports that he has raised more than $800 thousand since Friday.

  • gramma

    How gratifying to see that my “wonderful” representative in Congress may really be on her way out. It has been a thorn in my side that I actually live in the district she represents. I have worked on another campaign in this area. It is very eye-opening to know that many in this area believe exactly as does Ms. Bachmann. In fact, I imagine that many in this district feel that she is a victim of the liberal media, and may actually be even more strongly supportive of her campaign.

    I hope the influx of money does the job. This woman is scary nuts…and she apparently is a lawyer. Keep the money and support coming this way, folks!!!

  • Bud

    The demographics in that district greatly favor the Republican candidate, which is really the only way that Bachmann has been able to win. She is generally uninformed and myopic on most issues at best (xenophobic at worst). She’s a terrible representative, which is why I also jumped at the chance to donate after Friday’s most recently embarassing fiasco.

  • bsimon

    “The demographics in that district greatly favor the Republican candidate”

    That has been the prevailing wisdom. I’ve been curious about whether the demographics have changed much in the last couple years, given the growth of development in outer-ring suburbs – which are creeping into that district. I’m also curious to see whether the economic troubles we face change the voters’ minds in that race. The last factor is that Bachmann faced 2 opponents last time – Wetterling and Binkowski together were within a few points of Bachmann. It looks like Anderson will underperform relative to Binkowski, meaning Tinklenberg will likely benefit from the IP vote. I think that – before Bachmann’s comments – this race was already closer than conventional wisdom dictates. I’d like to see polling of the race to get a better idea of where things lie.

  • Jesuit Child

    We always blame Congress and Washington for perpetually being divided along party lines. Obviously, the hate or ignorance that breeds this division has roots elsewhere. It appears that some of those small towns, often referred to as the “real America,” are rich ground for this type of un-American thought process. Dislike of the current Administration, for its lack of respect to the Constitution, its disregard of civil rights, supporting torture, and the rebirth of an Imperial Presidency that is closed to scrutiny or criticism amongst other things does not mean you are either a liberal nor anti-American. Quite the opposite, it is every citizen’s responsibility to question their government, their actions and motives. This is what a democracy is all about. Unfortunately, this is something Ms. Bachmann fails to understand.