Bachmann spends big.

With less than a week to go before Election day, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is flooding the airwaves with her ads. A look at KSTP, KARE and WCCO today (I looked at Fox last week as well) shows that Bachmann has dropped $1.4 million in TV ads at those stations.

Bachmann’s DFL challenger, Elwyn Tinklenberg is spending $667 thousand on ads.

Both of these numbers should grow once we check Fox and cable later this week.

I’m told that both campaigns are still trying to buy more space in the remaining days but there’s not too much real estate left.

Interesting tidbit: Bachmann bought time on The Chris Matthews show that runs on Sunday morning. In other words, she’s buying ad time on the show that put her in the political pickle in the first place.

Note: Political ads in the Twin Cities has now topped $46 million.

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