Bachmann rips Tinklenberg, makes personal pitch in ads

I just saw one of GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s latest ads (I’ll post video when I find it).

Here’s the ad narration:
(Video of old movies is framed with a “History of El” banner on the bottom. Old time piano music plays underneath the ad).

When El Tinklenberg ran the Department of Transportation, officials called up their cronies and offered them contracts, unbid contracts. The Star Trib said he broke the law and federal authorities called it tainted. And when El was mayor, he supported a plan to increase property taxes by a whopping 24%. El Tinklenberg in Congress? He’s just not up to the challenges of today.

Here’s the Star Tribune story that the ad is citing.

Bachmann’s second ad (sorry Video is choppy) had Bachmann sitting in a living room looking directly into the camera. Here’s the text.

“Once again, our nation is at a crossroads and it’s a time for choosing. We could embrace government as the answer to our problems or we can choose freedom and liberty. I may not always get my words right but I know that my heart is right because my heart is for you, for your children and for the blessings of liberty to remain for our great country.”

(Note: It was incorrectly reported that this as was an apology ad) .

Question of the Day: What do you think of the ads?

Update: Politico is reporting that the NRCC is raising money off of the Bachmann controversy.