Arne Carlson backs Obama

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Former GOP Gov. Arne Carlson just endorsed Barack Obama for president. Carlson said he was a “strong supporter of both Joe Biden and John McCain” during the primary season but was unhappy with the direction McCain’s campaign took since the Republican National Convention. Carlson said Obama “has laid out for this nation a vision for a national purpose.”

I’ll post his audio shortly.

Here’s the audio:

Question of the day: Does this bring any added votes to Obama’s campaign?

Update: News Cut takes a look at how Carlson has been closer to Democrats than Republicans in recent years.

UPDATE: When asked about Carlson’s endorsement, Gov. Pawlenty said this:

“It’s no surprise. Governor Carlson has said many years ago publicly that he has left the Republican Party and I think he was dissatisfied and I think he has declared himself an Independent or a Democrat long ago.”

  • Robert Franklin

    This is a lagging, not leading, indicator of the direction of the Republican Party, a result of a decade of hard core appeals to the base that has finally alienated moderates and independents. Carlson, to be sure, has been and, with this endorsement, will continue to be derided as a RINO by the hard right, but that derision for moderates is what’s killing our party.

  • Bob Jones

    Does anyone really care? Gov. Carlson has become completely irrelevant.

  • wrath of korey stringer

    Just goes to show, the Christian fundamentalist wackos can’t win ’em all. And now the youth of america is coming of voting age, and they’re mighty peed off at the backward politics and policies that have made our country unrecognizable. Mcpain lost this race 4 years ago when he campaigned with that chickenhawk excuse for a president. Now it’s time to pay the piper.

  • Tom Riley

    When Carlson was governor I met him at the Minnesota College Fair for high school students. He was looking for the U of M area, of course, and I pointed him in the right direction.

    “What are you doing here,” he asked?

    “Trying to recruit your best and brightest students to North Dakota,” I replied.

    “Well,” he said, ” I hope you have your three day visa stamped.”

    I have always liked Carlson’s humour, his love of Minnesota (including the U) and his pragmatism. All three showed in his endorsement of Obama.

    Keep it up, Governor.>