$312 per minute

That’s the rate of money DFL candidate Elwyn Tinklenberg has accepted in the first 24 hours since GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball. An official with Tinklenberg’s campaign said they raised $450 thousand dollars in that time period.

To put that in perspective, Tinklenberg raised $312 thousand for the entire 3rd quarter and had $356 thousand in the bank at the end of the last reporting period.

  • Jim Moses

    Yep, I live here in Arizona and even I donated to Mr. Tinklenberg’s campaign. Michelle Bachmann is an idiot, and a dangerous one at that. Her McCarthy-like rhetoric is scary, un-American, and just plain WRONG!

    I suggest we ALL donate ten bucks to this guys’ campaign!

  • Kathleen

    I’m from New York City, retired, can’t afford it but–I donated $10 earlier today. I just can’t stand these Nazi Republicans who think they’ve cornered the market on American values, ideals, and patriotism. They need to be put in their places. My sister, who is severely handicapped with MS, just sent me an e-mail asking for the link to Tinklenberg’s donation website; she’s going to send a small donation, too. Democracy in action: I love it! 🙂

  • Kristen

    I live in California and just donated $25 to Tinklenberg! Bwaaahhhhaaaaahaaa. As a teacher who covers McCartheyism every year, I was more than happy to part with it. Dump Bachmann.

  • sara

    Yeah, me too. $20 from NYC. I love my country and am appalled by Michele Bachmann. She’s grossed me out for months with her vapid, pasted-on smile as she gracelessly racked up a riidculous amount of airtime. Glad she hung herself with her own rope.

  • zuki

    $35 from Alaska to help Mr. T.

    We have our own hate-monger here in Alaska, and she is on the Republican ticket w/McCain.

    Stop the hate!

  • jennifer

    Hope $25 from Indiana helps in the effort. After all, I love America too much to see my country eaten alive by the malignancy of hate.

  • Jay jay

    $25 from Kansas City, MO to help with a worth while cause to dump GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann!!!!

  • Magicfanben

    $25 from sunny Orlando, FL. She represents the worst American politics has to offer and I want to see he tossed out in shame.

  • Michael in Hollywood

    This outraged Fox Television employee sent $250 to Tinklenberg minutes after reading about Bachmann’s shameful insinuations. Barack Obama is going to be the next president of the United States and shouldn’t have to work with Bachmann.

  • Aron

    $20 from Laguna Beach. I had never heard of Bachmann until Hardball. I was so appalled by her comments that I not only contributed, I also sent out an e-mail describing Bachmann’s comments along with an urgent request for contributions to El’s campaign. Half a mil raised in one day huh? Bachmann’s big mouth is going to put El in Congress. Now that’s democracy in action.

  • Mia

    This woman just doesn’t know when to shut up. From now on, every time she opens her mouth, I’m donating $10. I’m up to $50 so far. I have a feeling this is gonna cost me. I may as well just click to send $500 and be done with it.

    I can’t help it. I guess Palin/Bachmann would call me a “liberal elitist with money burn” from on of those “anti-American” parts of the country.

    PS… I live in Boca Raton, Florida. So do I love America or hate America? I’m not sure. Can someone please ask the GOP and get back to me? Thanks!

  • Mark

    I just sent $50 from VA. I may not be able to vote in that district, but I pay federal taxes and I do not want someone like her to have access to the purse strings of the United States Treasury.

  • Bob Berger

    I live in New York and I donated as well – never heard of Bachman or Tinklenberg till Hardball but everyone of my friends I sent the Bachman youtube are shocked and donating to Tinklenberg.

  • Jose Delgado RUIZ

    I am not a democrat but love to send my check to her opponent. In 90’s I lived 7 years in Minnesota, never encountered this kind of radicals in the highly educated and civilized part of the country.

  • rich

    10 bucks from CA…

  • David K.

    $15 from Memphis, TN. Would have been more, but my state was one of the first to go into a “regional recession.” 🙁

  • Brick Bradley

    $25 from New Mexico, the second political donation I ever made in my life (other than someone I went to school with).

    Geez Louise…..If that’s how bad it is in Minnesota, (level headed, sensible, civil people) what hope is there for the rest of us?

    Doesn’t hurt one bit that Elwyn is a capable, moderate, hard-working, stand-up guy.

    But really, isn’t the internet great for stuff like this?

  • KEN

    I live in California, and never heard of the honorable man running against that lunatic McCarthized congresswoman from MN until I heard her comment on Chris Mathews’ Hardball. I was incensed! I have donated my meager 25.00 as a token of my effort to stop Lady McCarthy in her track!