As the campaign draws closer, folks will be using their creativity to attract attention. Two members of MPR’s staff took some photos that should entertain. If you see anything creative, get a lit piece or a fundraising alert send them my way ( We may very well put the stuff on the blog. Minnesota Public Read more

We’ve reported on how some of John McCain’s supporters were expressing anger and hostility towards Barack Obama. There have also been complaints by the GOP that the hostility is just as fierce by Barack Obama’s supporters. The anger may not be directed at John McCain so much but it’s clear it’s directed at Sarah Palin. Read more

Here’s the info on Todd Palin’s visit to Minnesota. As you know, Mr. Palin is the husband to GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Here’s the e-mail the McCain campaign sent to supporters: Dear Friends, As you may have heard, Todd Palin, husband of Governor Sarah Palin will be making five stops in northern Minnesota this Read more