The problem with pundits (AKA the problem with archives)

Comedy Central (which is broadcasting right up the road from the Xcel Energy Center) points out some double standards on the Palin controversy.

  • Elizabeth T.

    I love Comedy Central.

    um…. the one on TV, not the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • James

    Wow, a white man in a suit.

  • Bill Prendergast

    Jeez, that’s a funny clip. If they could be that funny every night, I’d actually start watching the Daily Show.

    And I don’t know if everybody knows this–but what they did there in that clip–“looking up stuff” and “comparing what politicians said ‘then,’ to what they’re saying ‘now'”–that’s what people used to call “journalism.” (A little trivia, there, for everyone.)

    Maybe they’ll do something similar about how Palin supported the taxpayer pork for “the bridge to nowhere,” and run that next to the video clip of her telling the nation that she was against it. That would be funny, too.

  • Karl

    The Daily Show should move to St. Paul permanently. This is but one of the many great bits they’ve done in one of the best weeks they’ve had in years. They could run one of these Republican hypocrites pieces every day from now till the election and still have plenty leftover for Bush’s lame-duck period.