The life of the party party

I stopped byThe Life of the Party party held by the Republican National Coalition for Life and Chairwoman Phyllis Schlafly. Schlafly is a socially conservative activist best-known for her opposition to feminism and abortion.

The event was being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown St. Paul, which is also where the Texas delegation is staying. Fox News was being shown on TVs throughout the lobby, which I found out is not the norm but rather a courtesy for their Republican guests.

codepink.jpgProtesters from Code Pink were outside the hotel greeting those who paid $95 to attend the event.

Gov. Sarah Palin was scheduled to accept the 2008 Life of the Party award at the event before she was chosen as McCain’s running mate. She canceled her appearance late last night and while Schlafly did not express unhappiness while addressing the gathering, she expressed it to ABC News.

But the attendees I spoke with didn’t seem disappointed — they just seemed really excited about Palin. She’s clearly energized the social conservatives and I saw one man with a hand-made “Vote Sarah” signed taped to his back.

A protester from Code Pink managed to make it inside the hall where the party was being held and got on stage during Schlafly’s welcome. After grabbing the mic and starting to say how the “truly pro-life” members of Code Pink welcomed them, a few delegates got up on stage and escorted her off as the rest of the crowd spontaneously started singing “God Bless America.”

Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham and Rep. Michele Bachmann also spoke at the event. Gov. Palin’s award was accepted on her behalf by Debbie Joslin of the Alaska Republican Party.

And delegates got to enjoy the music of the Twin Cities’ very own Barbary Coast Dixieland Show Band.

barbary coast.jpg

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