The Daily Digest: 9-30-08

The White House and congressional leaders are working to craft another rescue plan for the financial markets.

The stock market rallies with the hopes of a new bill. Global markets are mixed.

As the markets tumble, members of Congress point fingers at each other. Democrats say more Republicans should have voted for the bill. Republicans say vice-versa. People worry about their college and retirement funds.

The Chamber of Commerce threatens those who voted against the bailout.

An array of forces, however, lined up against the plan.

Minnesota’s delegation split their votes. MPR, Forum Communications, WCCO and KARE have stories.

Country of Origin labels are coming to a grocery store near you. MinnPost said there’s a loophole in the bill.

A judge returns wolves to federal protection.

2008 Race for President

John McCain took early credit for the bill’s passage before it failed. He blamed Barack Obama after if failed.

Obama says Congress should expand the FDIC. He also urged the public (and the markets) to remain calm.

Both presidential candidates appear to oppose sugar subsidies.

2008 Race for Senate

The St. Cloud Times writes about Democrat Al Franken’s criticism of GOP Sen. Norm Coleman’s oversight of contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Coleman writes an op-ed on the issue here.

2008 Race for Congress

The House vote kept GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann away from last night’s debate. She may attend the debate in Stillwater.

A DFL staffer was busted for stealing a scooter.

DFL candidate Steve Sarvi blogs about GOP Rep. John Kline’s record.

2008 Other

The media is suing the state to get closer access to the polls.

The Vote Yes ad campaign begins.

State Government

Finance and Commerce says court funding is short.


Jesse Ventura won’t be a judge but he’ll explore conspiracy theories.

  • Peter Hill

    Your comment describes the McCain thus far:

    John McCain took early credit for the (noun) before it failed. He blamed Barack Obama after if failed.