The Daily Digest: 9-29-08

The House is expected to vote on $700 billion Wall Street bailout today.

Meanwhile, Citigroup will buy Wachovia.

Sens. McCain and Obama say they will likely support the bailout.

The New York Times looks at the candidates’ handling of the financial crisis.

The Wall Street Journal says the candidates are both trying to claim the middle class.

Obama gets a boost from last Friday’s debate.

Real Clear Politics looks at reactions to the debate from editorial pages from around the country. checks out the candidates’ debate answers.

Obama will be in LaCrosse, WI on Wednesday.

Sen. Biden and Gov. Palin are getting ready to debate on Thursday.

Minnesota voters register in record numbers.

2008 Race for U.S. Senate

Sen. Norm Coleman, DFL challenger Al Franken and IP candidate Dean Barkley will debate on Sunday in Rochester.

Coleman and Franken debate Norm’s role in oversight of fraud and waste in the rebuilding of Iraq.

Former DFL state Sen. Doug Johnson comes out in support of Sen. Coleman.

2008 Race for U.S. Congress

A volunteer for DFL candidate Ashwin Madia was caught removing signs for his Republican opponent Erik Paulsen.

Madia appears at the Indus Entrepreneurs gala dinner.

Congressional candidates Paulsen and Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg weigh in on the bailout.

The St. Cloud Times looks at Tinklenberg’s candidacy.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz hits Republican opponent Brian Davis on Social Security.

Rochester donors prefer Coleman and Walz.


Most of Minnesota’s congressional delegation will support the bailout.

Rep. Michele Bachmann defends a comment placing some blame for the current crisis on housing programs for minorities.

Rep. Keith Ellison writes an editorial on the rescue plan.

Congress approves the Great Lakes cleanup bill.

State Government

The fate of the Clean Water Legacy program is unclear.

Minnesota will get nearly $58 million of federal dollars to help with foreclosures.

Game warden resigns from the MN Dept. of Natural Resources.

Bus and train fares will go up on Wednesday.

The smoking ban celebrates its first anniversary this week.

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