The Daily Digest: 9-26-08

Sens. Barack Obama, John McCain meet with President Bush and congressional leaders at the White House. No deal on the bailout is made.

After late-night talks, House Republicans are still holding out. Still no deal.

House Republicans release their alternative plan.

Meanwhile, JP Morgan buys Washington Mutual.

The first presidential debate is supposed to take place in Mississippi tonight. Moderator Jim Lehrer and Obama will be there. Will McCain? Maybe.

If they debate, you can use Twitter’s new election page to see what people are saying.

Gov. Sarah Palin talks foreign policy with Katie Couric.

Charlie Gibson talks to Sen. McCain about the bailout.

Newsweek reports that John McCain’s campaign manager is still treasurer and a corporate director of his lobbying firm.

33 conservative Christian ministers will endorse candidates from the pulpit this Sunday, in defiance of the I.R.S.

The L.A. Times looks at the candidates’ foreign policy.

The Times of London asks, “Are you sure you guys still want this job?”

2008 Race for U.S. Senate

Al Franken talks to local music and art publication, Rift Magazine, and reveals he’s a Deadhead.

And Sen. Norm Coleman talks with the Duluth Budgeteer about serving Minnesota.

The Wall Street Journal says the bailout is tough for GOP incumbents like Coleman.

2008 Race for U.S. House

The race in the third district between Republican Erik Paulsen, Democrat Ashwin Madia and IP candidate David Dillon makes the Washington Post’s list of top 25 house races.

An Indian newspaper writes about Madia’s candidacy.

Rep. Michele Bachmann confirms sixth district debate appearance with DFL challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg and IP candidate Bob Anderson.


Constituents are making their displeasure about the bailout known to MN lawmakers.

Rep. Michele Bachmann writes an editorial about her opposition to the bailout.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar announces a $2 million federal grant for a new mass transit facility in Rochester.

State Government

Gov. Tm Pawlenty will travel to Europe next week to promote trade and economic cooperation.

The Minnesota Farm Bureau opposes the constitutional amendment that would dedicate funds to the arts and outdoors.

Minnesota gets another two-week extension to negotiate a Medicaid waiver that would save coverage for 18,000 Minnesotans.

Minnesota joins four other midwest states to form a wind energy alliance.

A state worker is suspected of embezzling $1 million from the state’s Medical Assistance fund.

2008 RNC

RNC protester files the first law suit against St. Paul.

And in other news…

The Minnesota Twins sweep the Chicago White Sox to take first place in their division.

  • Gary F

    Bailout money going to ACORN? That ACORN? The ACORN convicted of voter registration fraud?

    How long till the NPR-MPR start reporting this.