Senate races decided early

Within 50 minutes of the polls closing, the Associated Press had declared the nominations in three party primaries for the U.S. Seante.

Incumbent Norm Coleman won the Republican primary big over Jack Shepard. Al Franken won the DFL nomination over Priscilla Lord Faris and others. And in the Independence Party contest, Dean Barkley won convincingly in a field of seven candidates.

  • Alison

    The headline ‘Franken breezes in first step of Senate chase’ on the MPR website overstates the support for Franken. Publicly, Franken is celebrating a ‘sure thing’ victory. Privately, this be the writing on the wall for him. About a third of the members of his own party so dislike the choice made at their party meetings that they voted agains him. He’s going to have a hard time winning if his own party isn’t behind him and the primary results show that to be the case..