Primary Day: What to watch for…

Tuesday is primary day in Minnesota. Here are a few things to watch for:

1) How does Al Franken do?

Will Franken score a convincing win the DFL Primary against the other DFLers (most notably Priscilla Lord Faris)? If so, it may be a sign that the party has unified behind him and will put a scare into GOP Sen. Norm Coleman. If the DFL contest is closer than anticipated, it could signal that Franken’s base isn’t solidly behind him. It’s clear Franken is looking past this contest. When asked about the primary challenge today, Franken said “I’m voting and I know who I’m voting for.” His campaign has also scheduled a Wednesday morning rally at the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Center in St. Paul.

2) What happens with Mark Olson?

GOP Rep. Mark Olson is the endorsed candidate in Senate District 16. That has raised a few hackles among Republicans (like Norm Coleman and Republican Senate Minority Leader Dave Senjem). They’re worried that an Olson win will force Coleman to answer questions about sharing a ticket with a candidate who was convicted of domestic assault against his wife. The downside for Coleman is that the Republicans in Senate District 16 backed Olson and don’t like outside influences speaking out against the endorsed candidate. Will those folks work for Coleman (and the MNGOP) or decide to stay home in November? Let Freedom Ring has been watching the action closely.

3) Who will be the Independence Party candidate for Senate?

There are plenty of senate candidates running in the I-P primary. Former Sen. Dean Barkley and former I-P Chair Jack Uldrich have been the most active among them. Here’s a question – Will the winner get more than 2,000 votes? Only 10,000 people voted in the 2006 I-P primary.

4) Can a Minnesota House seat influence the presidential contest in Minnesota?

DFL Congressman Keith Ellison thinks it can. He told me in Denver that he’s backing DFL challenger Bobby Joe Champion over DFL incumbent Wilie Dominguez. Ellison told me that Champion will help energize and turn out African Americans in north Minneapolis (which will help Obama in November). Ellison (and his former campaign manager) helped Champion win the DFL endorsement in the race. Dominguez is backed by the House DFL Caucus. The Spokesman Recorder takes a look at the race.

5) What about that Republican race in the 1st?

Brian Davis has the GOP endorsement and a significant cash advantage over state Sen. Dick Day. But some (including DFL Congressman Tim Walz) think Day’s populist appeal will help him carry the day (pun definitely intended) in this primary. If that’s the case, expect immigration to be a big issue this campaign season. Day has been courting and appearing at anti-immigration events over the last few months.

6) Can a member of the Minnesota Supreme Court go down?

Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Lorie Gildea faces a primary challenge against three challengers. One of Gildea’s challengers has been particularly aggressive. MPR says the challenger “asked the court to disqualify Gildea from running for election, or running as an incumbent on the ballot. Clark contended the governor’s appointees are only temporary and must step aside at the term’s end.”

The top two vote getters in Tuesday’s primary will move on to the general election on Nov. 4.

7) Who will be the new House member from House 7B?

DFL Rep. Mike Jaros is retiring which has created a DFL feeding frenzy to replace him. Whoever wins the 5 person contest is a sure bet to represent the DFL dominated district. Minnesota Brown takes a look at the race.

  • Brittanicus

    Personally I don’t trust either Obama, McCain, Palin, Biden or any one of our elected politicians.

    All they want to do is get elected and it will be basically more of the same, as the corporate donors call the shots. Time will quickly tell, if there is any real change in Washington?

    When the American taxpayer is feeding, housing and giving free health care, to anybody who slips across the border. To pay for these expenditures, property taxes accelerated continuously. When our administration and those before them, allow the export of billions of dollars to Mexico and other third world countries. No wonder our nation is on the edge of a wilting economic precipice?

    Even without the war in Iraq, President Bush would have devastated our wavering economy. Mr. Bush nearly forced an illegal immigration AMNESTY on the hurting US taxpayer. But the people screamed loud and clear. NO path to citizenship. No AMNESTY!

    If we must have GUEST WORKERS for any job’s that American supposedly ‘Won’t Do..? Then they must not expect or receive any path to citizenship. Everything smells of corporate intervention, where the large money grants reside?

    The international globalists don’t live in the world regular Americans live in, so issues like illegal alien crime, pollution, energy shortages don’t bother their lifestyles.

    That’s why the US Chamber of Commerce will endow on us with a path to citizenship for millions of illegal alien families. AMNESTY! That means the Casino’s will get tons of cheap labor, and US citizens can carry on hunting around for a job that is rightfully theirs. I actually read this in an entertainment magazine, that even some pit bosses are here in the United States illegally?

    According to the (1986) Immigration Control act. Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A): they broke Federal law. It states, “..a person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government)

    We will be expected to support them. Forcibly assigned mandates to us to feed, house and give free health care to, that Americans cannot afford themselves. Look around you! Diversity, multiculturalism and finally balkanization will cause OVERPOPULATION.

    A 50% increase in people. But what about the millions, just waiting to scramble across our undermanned border? Unless we make English a mandatory language, America will condemn itself to a third world catastrophe.

    We are just importing even more poverty, which we will be supporting. If anything we need THE CREAM of engineers, scientists and PhD like other nations. Our Own people need help, instead of underwriting the impoverished around the world.

    Only the uncensored truth will open your eyes at NUMBERSUSA, CAPSWEB Read Judicial Watch site about importing poverty into America, that taxpayers are forced to support and the coming nightmare of OVERPOPULATION.

    Copy, Paste and Distribute Freely.

  • mnenelson

    Minnesota taxpayers want to know where their money went?

    Norm Coleman was tasked with senatorial oversight on the Iraq war and yet never called a single hearing to investigate the foul-ups and sweetheart no-bid contracts for Halliburton and how pallets of newly minted $100 bills simply vanished in Baghdad. Some Washington insiders are suggesting that the $23 billion Iraq war profiteering scandal may be the biggest case of war profiteering in U.S. history. Blame for this lack of oversight lies squarely at the feet of Norm Coleman.

  • Nyakhe

    I hope Americans are not war mongers, as Mr McCain’s heroesm is a monism of is past which he to accomplish during his last ays of life with Iran, and Russia deeply in mind.

    Mr McCain proposes DRILL; probably he might ment two ways/ or even more: 1. He might DRILL more holes into the American Economy to creat more deficit. 2. DRILL in Alaska to the Bushes/Cheany busness corporation. Mr McCain always say “Country First”which is very Ironical. He wife is running billions of busness corporation in BEER and in other busnesses in the Country which he never discloses tax returns or made clear to the nation, but he keeps accusing his rival been dishonest and untrust worthy

    The Iraq ISSUE he claims victory is method in which He and the Bush administration illegally used tax payers money to buy the Iraqies themselves to stop killing the American and the Iraqi civilians,they pay $2m and a citizenship to the person who sold Sadam to GW Bush & Co. by the way there sholud be a Genocide investication on the Iraq ISSUE

    More to come.