Paulsen hits $2 million mark

Republican Erik Paulsen’s campaign sent out an e-mail blast to his supporters this afternoon. It revealed a few tidbits like the upcoming debates in the 3rd District and his new ad. But the most interesting part is Paulsen’s note on his fundraising:

Some additional good news, on Friday I reached a fundraising milestone of $2 million. The fact that the majority of the money I’ve raised from individuals has come from Minnesotans shows the enormous support behind this great race.

This is a clear signal that the fundraising arms race will continue in the race to replace GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad.

A spokesman for DFLer Ashwin Madia said the campaign won’t release their fundraising numbers until the filing period. Both Paulsen and Madia have said that they need to raise about $3 million each to compete in the 3rd. That’s not counting the outside interest groups (DCCC, Chamber, etc.). I-P candidate David Dillon has raised much less than the other candidates.

The race will be the most expensive Congressional race in Minnesota history if Paulsen and Madia hit their fundraising targets. The 2006 contest between Republican Michele Bachmann and DFLer Patty Wetterling raised and spent $5.7 million between the two of them.

  • rainman

    Paulsen….over $107,000 and counting from Big Oil, Pharma, Insurance, and Banking….who do you think will be pulling his chain if he was lucky enough to get to Congress? He is sooooo out of touch with 3rd CD voters, it makes me sick to hear him lie to us and try and rebrand himself a moderate who worked across the aisle…this is not only a joke, but totally untrue (at least not on any meaningfull legislation). Madia has closed the gap every reporting period and this will be no different.