Defining Palin

Sarah Palin is an open slate to most voters. They have no idea who she is, where she stands, etc. That can be a benefit and disadvantage for the campaigns. The benefit for the McCain campaign is they can highlight her positives. The downside is that she can be defined as the news media scrambles to find out her track record, her history, etc. It appears that both campaigns are giving us a helping hand.

Here’s what the Democrats have sent over via e-mail:

Palin’s pork requests confound reformer image – AP

Palin dragging her feet on probe – Talking Points Memo

McCain cancels a CNN interview – TPM

Bridges to Fairview Fannie – Seattle Post Intelligencer

Palin and Stevens – CBS

Palin’s stopover – Politico

Palin’s Lobbyist Has Abramoff Ties – TPM

Palin Was a Director of Embattled Sen. Stevens’s 527 Group – Washington Post

Here’s the info from McCain’s camp:

McCain sent out this video introducing Palin.

They also released this photo (with First Lady Laura Bush and Cindy McCain)

Ignore the Chauvinists – Wall Street Journal

They also released McCain’s comments to Fox News.

Question of the Day: Who is Sarah Palin?

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