Busy weekend for Bachmann

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s office sent out advisories saying Bachmann appeared on Fox New Channel’s Your World with Neil Cavuto this afternoon. She’s also scheduled to be on CNN’s Larry King Live tonight at 8 pm. Bachmann will also appear on Fox’s Geraldo at Large on Sunday night at 9:30. Bachmann’s staff says all three appearances will focus on the U.S. economy.

I’m sure these appearances will raise the ire of DFL Party officials. The party has questioned why Bachmann can make frequent TV appearances but can’t agree to a debate schedule with DFL challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg. Bachmann’s staff says they’re working to put a few debates on the schedule.

  • Karl

    DFL officials? How about Bachmann’s constituents, whom she has refused to face in the district in a public meeting since being elected. Bachmann’s constituents have been drawing attention to that fact for months and you’ve only now noticed? Why don’t you ask Bachmann why she has had no public meetings in her district? Has Minnesota ever had a member of Congress who had zero public meetings in his or her district in an entire term? Might be a good little research project for you guys.

  • thomas

    The fact is that Congresswoman Bachmann has made herself widely available to her constituents via meetings, telephone town halls and numerous appearances. People like Karl simply love to hate Bachmann.

  • Karl

    Name one, Thomas. I challenge anyone, including the media, to find one public meeting or town hall forum at which Bachmann has made herself available for questions from constituents. You know–the kind every other member of Congress holds in their district. News events or private group functions like chamber meetings at which she takes no questions from the public don’t count. Nor do tele-town halls, which are controlled, scripted events that do not allow for direct questioning, and questioners are screened and identified in advance.

  • Carol

    Our incumbent congresswoman apparently has too many national appearances and planes to meet in Blaine to be able to attend a candidate forum in her district. The congresswoman did not attend the forum held in Elk River this morning (9/20). It is my understanding that her staff gave the reason for her nonappearance as congress is in session, and she was not able to be in town. Huh??????

  • thomas

    And engage in a debate with a hate-monger? No thanks. I guess her numerous appearances (including at gas stations), the telephone town halls (including those I was on), her office staff being readily available in the District, her DC office only being a phone call or e-mail away, and her weekly returns to the District don’t actually exist or didn’t happen. And this is hardly an exhaustive list. Please, Karl, do not respond – I don’t like reading lies.

  • tom swifty

    This crazy lunatic refuses to speak directly to her constituents period. She’s like a female blow up doll, with one exception – she screws her constituents and gets her satisfaction from that. At least a blow up doll will sigh once in a while.

    We need to dump this nut case asap. Not even the chamber of commerce has endorsed this nut.

  • http://lloydletta.blogspot.com Eva Young

    Why Michele Bachmann missed the Elk River event – she was scheduled to speak at the Conservative Issues Fair in Bloomington sponsored by the Twin Cities Republican Association.