John McCain went after Barack Obama during his speech in Blaine today. You can listen to the full speech here: You can also read what McCain didn’t say (Fact Check) here. Meanwhile, Obama supporters held a much smaller (but not small) counter rally in Minneapolis.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin got the 13,000 (latest number from TSA) people rockin’ in Blaine today. Here’s her speech: For the record, there was no dash for the door after Palin spoke. That apparently happened at the McCain/Palin rally in Iowa on Thursday. Update: Newsweek says Palin’s approval ratings are beginning to fall.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman, DFLer Al Franken and I-P candidate Dean Barkley have agreed to five debates. Here are the details: Sunday, October 5 Location: Rochester Sponsor: Debate Minnesota Saturday, October 11 Location: Twin Cities Sponsor: Debate Minnesota and KARE-11 and Thursday, October 16 Location: Duluth Sponsor: Debate Minnesota Friday, October 24 Location: Almanac Read more

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann just said that ANWR is “The most wonderful place in the world to drill.” Bachmann, GOP Rep. John Kline, GOP Sen. Norm Coleman and GOP candidate Brian Davis addressed the crowd. First Lady Mary Pawlenty is the “MC” of the event. Her husband, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, is not attending because he’s Read more