The Daily Digest: 8-21-08

Sorry the Digest is late. This reminds me to tell you that the Digest may not be as reliable over the next two weeks. I’m headed to Denver for the DNC and won’t be able to post a complete Digest. We will be posting a whole lot more individual entries.

The latest MPR/Humphrey Institute Poll has Democrat Barack Obama leading Republican John McCain in Minnesota. The poll shows, however, that the presidential race is fluid. It also adds that One in four of the undecided voters and initial-Obama supporters said they’d back a McCain-Pawlenty ticket.

Here’s a story. Here’s the poll.

Get ready to hear a lot about this- Politico says McCain is unsure of how many houses he owns.

The campaigns reach final agreement on the presidential debates.

McCain is hoping to turn the tide in the Great Lakes area.

Barack Obama’s campaign held rallies for women across the state.

Obama’s campaign opened an office on the Iron Range on Tuesday.

Obama attempts to link McCain to the Abramoff scandal.

Obama also announced a battleground state tour to lead up to the DNC (the campaign doesn’t detail where he’s going).

His advisors also say McCain was more eager for war than President Bush.

McCain calls lobbyists “birds of prey.”

McCain says Obama is getting one term pledge.

Pawlenty for VP Watch

Gov. Pawlenty will campaign in Pennsylvania over the weekend and in Ohio on Monday,

Politico also says Pawlenty will give an address in Denver to counter the DNC.

The Wall Street Journal says Pawlenty will be in Denver on Thursday.

The Washington Post wonders whether the VP speculation is party rebranding or political positioning.

The Star Tribune wonders whether Pawlenty’s speaker slot is a hint.

Pawlenty also hints about an Africa trip.

The Pi Press talks to those who are opposed to legalized abortion to see what they think of McCain possibly picking a pro-choice running mate.

Ana Marie Cox nails it.

2008 Race for Senate

Parties use gimmicks to make points with voters in the Senate race.

The New York Times says advocacy groups are stepping up their positions in ad campaigns.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman campaigned on the Iron Range earlier this week. He also campaigned in Brainerd and Grand Rapids.

2008 Race for Congress

The 3rd District candidates met in a debate this morning. I’ll try to post the audio later today.

The candidates in the 3rd also trade attacks over PAC money. They meet in their first debate this morning.

3rd District DFLer Ashwin Madia counters CT Sen. Joe Lieberman in this blog entry.

State Government

The Transit Tax Board commits to Hiawatha and Central Corridor light rail lines.

The state threatens to bump Q-Comp in St. Cloud.


GOP House Minority Leader John Boehner tells freshman Dems (like DFL Rep. Tim Walz) that it’s put up or shut up time on drilling.

Walz also write an op-ed in a West Virginia newspaper.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann writes an op-ed in the New York Post on drilling.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar works to get the Highway 10 project going.

2008 RNC

The RNC releases its list of speakers. Gov. Pawlenty and GOP Sen. Norm Coleman have slots.

St. Paul hopes the convention wows guests.

Street medics are gearing up for the RNC.

Businesses offer coupons to the locals.

2008 DNC

Minnesota’s delegates will staff a meals on wheels on their service day.

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