Pawlenty on Face the Nation

The news of the show was that Pawlenty and Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh look like twins when they sit next to each other. Pawlenty and Bayh also said there was “no news” when asked if they were asked to be the VP nominee or if they wanted to take their names out of consideration.

Governor Pawlenty focused on two key talking points during his appearance on Face the Nation-

1) “Senator McCain has said that we need to deal with this aggressively and one of the questions this crisis raises is “Who do you want sitting across the table from Vladimir Putin and people like him, John McCain or Senator Obama? I think the answer is Senator McCain and that’s for obvious reasons.”

2) When asked about the forum at Saddleback Church that featured John McCain and Barack Obama, Pawlenty said “McCain looked crisp while Obama looked wandering.”

Senator Evan Bayh, a Democrat from Indiana, also stuck to a few key talking points like this one:

“Whether to go into Iraq or not, Barack Obama was correct. How to get out of Iraq, the Iraqis embraced Barack Obama’s position even George Bush is coming around. He was right about Afghanistan, John McCain is coming around on that.”

Bayh also criticized Pawlenty for not initially supporting the surge in Iraq suggesting that even Pawlenty had questions about it. Pawlenty said he didn’t support the surge because he felt it was too late.

Pawlenty co-chairs McCain’s presidential committee and has campaigned for him across the nation.

Face the Nation should have the video up later today.

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