Nader to hold rally during RNC

Ralph Nader’s campaign for president says they will hold a campaign super rally at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis on September 4th (that’s the same night that Republican John McCain will accept the GOP nomination for president). Here’s a campaign video calling for McCain and Democrat Barack Obama to open up the debates:

Nader is also holding a so-called Super Rally during the DNC (it’s the day before Barack Obama accepts the nomination). Here’s part of the Nader campaign press release:

“The rally will be a call to action for opening the presidential debates..”.

“…During his 2000 campaign, Ralph Nader drew sellout crowds to super rallies in arenas from Portland’s Memorial Coliseum to Madison Square Garden…”

This rally will be part of a massive outpouring of protest in Denver and Minneapolis against the two corporate controlled parties and their policies of perpetual militarism and war…”


Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic has sold nearly 8700 tickets to date. Paul’s rally will be held on September 2nd at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

  • steve conn

    Minneapolis’s historical ties to Progressive politics will be tested in September. Will authorities crack down on

    dissent and on those, like Ralph Nader, who have not

    conceded to corporate control of their politics. The whole world will be watching. Will Minneapolis be another