The Daily Digest: 6-9-08

Al Franken, the DFL endorsed candidate for the U.S. Senate, kicks off a statewide campaign today. It starts in St. Paul.

MPR says Democrats and Republicans agree that Al Franken is a great endorsement decision by the DFL Party. It’s safe to say it’s for different reasons.

Franken won the DFL endorsement for the U.S. Senate over the weekend. MPR, Forum Communications, the Pi Press, the Star Tribune, KARE and AP have stories.

Bloomberg says Franken’s candidacy has been sidetracked.

A DFL Feminist leader resigns from the DFL Feminist Caucus because of Franken.

The Houston Chronicle says GOP Sen. Norm Coleman could be a contender to lead the NRSC (if he’s reelected).

2008 Race for President

John McCain buys at least $150,000 of ads in Minnesota.

DNC Chair Howard Dean urged the DFL delegates to get behind Obama.

Forum Communications says the party is united behind Obama.

The Star Tribune says Democrats leave the convention in an upbeat mood because Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer and Hillary Clinton are “good losers.”

2008 Race for Legislature

GOP delegates decide to vote “no endorsement” in GOP Rep. Jim Abeler’s House District.

Pawlenty for VP Watch

Pawlenty said for the first time that he would be open to the VP slot. MPR, KARE and Reuters have stories.

The New York Daily News said Pawlenty was being “coy.”

Pawlenty was on Fox News Sunday to talk up John McCain and bash Barack Obama.

AP and New York Magazine say he’s being considered.

Pawlenty is also headed to Iowa later this month.

The Star Tribune compares Pawlenty’s credentials with former VP Walter Mondale.

Reuters has a list of the possible VP candidates.

State government

Gov. Pawlenty tours/toured damaged areas in Houston and Hubbard Counties today.

Ferry service will cost Winona $85,000 a week.

The Star Tribune has a series of stories on Minnesota’s Sex Offender Program, its cost and whether anyone will ever complete “treatment.”

MinnPost says a portion of the state’s election law requires nonprofits to register voters.


Several lawmakers (including DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar, DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar and DFL Rep. Tim Walz) say they’ll work to reimburse the city of Winona for ferry service.

The Senate blocks a climate change bill. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar voted for it. Coleman wasn’t present but said he would have supported it.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman says Ford may review its plans with St. Paul’s Ford Ranger plant.

Coleman’s support for targeting tax havens is also mentioned in this story.

The World Trade Organization’s director general criticizes the Farm Bill.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar asks the Justice Department to reject Delta’s acquisition of Northwest Airlines.

Oberstar also offers a bill that would sell Superior National Forest Land to a mining company.

2008 RNC

The New York Times says the candidates are foregoing soft money but the conventions are raking it in.


The Pi Press, the Star Tribune and Forum Communications say there were plenty of potential gubernatorial candidates at the DFL Party convention.

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