Ron Paul supporters start a PAC

A new Political Action Committee has been filed with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board. The PAC, Ron Paul Republicans, has been started by Bill Johnson of Coon Rapids and other Ron Paul supporters. Johnson said they’re starting the PAC because they want to continue to get Ron Paul’s message out. He said they’ll support other Ron Paul like-minded people who are running for Congress, the Legislature and local positions.

“Our focus right now is to get Ron Paul like-minded people in political positions and start bringing the Republican Party back to its roots. We’re trying to change the party from the inside,” Johnson said.

One of those candidates, Johnson said, was Barbara Davis White. She’s challenging DFL Rep. Keith Ellison in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. Johnson said they started the PAC because they had concerns with how the Minnesota Republican Party treated Ron Paul supporters at last week’s state party convention. He also complained that the nation is facing serious problems and there isn’t a viable Republican candidate running for president.

“It’s like we have two Democrats running for president. We want to make this the last year that we nominate a Democrat out of the Republican Party. McCain is too liberal,” he said.

Johnson was careful to say that they’re not courting Ron Paul supporters but Ron Paul like-minded people. He said the push to get Paul elected is fizzling out since some of the supporters already split into minor groups. Johnson said he’s hopeful that the new PAC will continue to attract those who support limited constitutional government, low taxes and free markets.

“People don’t turn into a Ron Paul supporter. They’re Ron Paul supporters and just don’t know it.”