Franken wins on 1st ballot

DFL delegates endorsed Al Franken by acclimation after Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer withdrew his name from consideration. Franken reportedly had enough delegate support to win on the 1st ballot. The big question is whether Mike Ciresi gets back in the race and runs in a primary.

  • Bob

    Tom Horner has gone over the edge, he is no longer providing reasoned commentary. He is bloviating and hammering on Franken and pushing his pro Norm agenda. His comments promoting a third party candidate ala Jesse Ventura are again an attempt to split the DFL and independent vote allowing Norm to sneak through again.

  • Chris

    Tom, MPR seems to be cutting back on the audio links of these events that you used to post on the side-bars. Is this a cost-cutting thing?

  • Mike Mulcahy

    Not sure what the problem was getting the audio. We had it on the radio and streamed it live online.

  • Bill Prendergast

    First ballot. Amazing. And now I, a liberal, am stuck with this guy as my dog in this fight. Why, Lord? What have I done? How have I offended Thee, in this year whenst we actually had the best chance of replacing Coleman?

    Nelson-Pallmeyer folds up like a daffodil. Not that he would be much better as a contender, but at least he never made a career out of “writing jokes that pass the Saturday Night Live standard for good taste.”

    Eli, Eli, lama sabacthani?

  • Bruce Harrington

    Last year when Norm was voting for torture the story didn’t make the papers, but Al’s eight year-old dirty jokes are a major campaign issue? Waterboarding is far more distasteful to me than any joke I’ve ever heard.