Behind the Lobbying numbers

MPR has a story detailing the money spent on lobbying during the first half of 2008. Here are some interesting tidbits:

467 groups spent more than $1,000 (for a total of $7,779,872).

130 groups spent more than $10,000 (for a total of $6,730,392).

14 groups spent more than $100,000.

The most spent by an individual business was Enbridge Energy Association (which lobbied the Public Utilities Commission). $252,718.

The most spent by an individual governmental unit was the city of St. Paul – $51,482.

The most spent by a union was the Minnesota Nurses Association – $182,165.

Here are the 2008 Top Spenders:

1) Minnesota Chamber (not including local chambers) – $509,777

2) Minnesota Business Partnership – $333,579

3) Minnesota Transportation Alliance (a coalition of unions and construction firms) – $323,486

4) MyWireless (a coalition of cell phone companies to fight higher cell phone taxes and increased cell phone regulation) – $291,750

5) Enbridge Energy Association – $252,718

6) Minnesotans Against Fraud and Higher Insurance Costs (lobbied against Good Faith Legislation) – $241,112

7) Coalition of Minnesota Businesses (a coalition of the MN Chamber and the MN Business Partnership) – $223,595

8) Flint Hills – $192,085

9) Marijuana Policy Project (lobbied to legalize medical marijuana) – $187,524

10) Minnesota Nurses Association – $182,165

11) AARP – $169,156

12) Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities – $162,644

13) Insurance Federation of Minnesota – $149,551

14) Education Minnesota – $116,015

15) National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (lobbied for the Mall of America expansion) – $97,593

Of the Top Ten spenders, only Minnesotans Against Fraud and Higher Insurance Costs spent fewer dollars than they did in 2007 (they spent $995,821 in 2007).

Apparently all of those Education Minnesota TV ads were not considered lobbying by the group. That’s a source of some consternation by others who disclose all PR related activity.


The Minnesota Orthopaedic Society reported spending $210, 069 but their lobbyist says the number is incorrect . She says they’re filing an amended report that says they spent $2169.

Source: Minnesota Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board.

  • jqpublic

    What about campaign donations?

  • Tom Scheck

    Sorry it took so long to get this comment up — my e-mail is on overload right now and I’m catching up. As to your question, campaign donations won’t be made available until a few weeks before the Primary (august sometime)…