Wiggle room?

Governor Pawlenty was asked today whether he stood by past statements to serve his full four years in office. Pawlenty, who has been mentioned as a possible running mate to Republican John McCain, said when he announced his reelection bid in 2006 that he would serve out his full term. After being pressed on whether he still stood by those comments today, Pawlenty said “That is my intention.”

  • bsimon

    In a courtroom, Pawlenty’s counsel would object, because the question has been “asked and answered.” What more do people expect him to say? Of course he intends to serve out his term. Of course, if he’s asked to run as VP, he’d jump at the chance. He may even desire to be on the ticket. But what kind of fool would go on the record saying so? If McCain selects someone else, Tim looks like a real boob. He knows how the game is played – why don’t the media just acknowledge that and cover real news?

  • http://www.trailblz.com brian hanf

    bsimon – Amen.