The stars are aligned

DFL Rep. Alice Hausman held a news conference calling on Gov. Pawlenty to approve the Central Corridor Light Rail line. Hausman said she intends to create a one item bonding bill that includes Central Corridor and said it could pass the Minnesota House. Hausman started off her news conference saying she read her horoscope this morning which said:

“You suddenly decide enough is enough and opt for a different path. How you deal with someone could change dramatically. Anger and frustration start surfacing. Look for the most appropriate way to deal with this issue.”

After reading her horoscope, Hausman said she read Gov. Pawlenty’s, which said:

“Work with someone directly. Do the necessary digging. You’ll find answers quickly and effectively.”

Hausman said she decided to push for the stand-alone bonding bill after reading those horoscopes and speaking with folks who were unhappy with the possibility of losing the federal money for the train. No word on whether the Magic 8 ball was consulted.

Gov. Pawlenty said he would not sign off on Central Corridor unless they reach a budget agreement.

  • Jeremy Kalin

    I thought I’d try the Magic 8 Ball myself. I typed in “Central Corridor.” The response….


    Seriously. Fingers crossed that it be so. I don’t know it was always right when I was a kid, but it IS the Magic 8 Ball after all…