The Daily Digest: 5-12-08

One week left. No budget agreement. The DFL controlled Legislature will pass budget related bills even though Gov. Pawlenty says he’ll veto them. Is it a rerun from last year?

MPR, the Pi Press and Forum Communications have stories.

The governor responded by saying no choo-choo and no health care reform.

AP has seven questions for the seven remaining days.

The Star Tribune has a weekend piece saying it’s been a productive session.

The Star Tribune also has a profile of Attorney General Lori Swanson.

Minnesota Lawyer says the bridge compensation fund won’t end all litigation.

An outside firm will look into the DNR.

A bill that would ban the sale of certain drugs online is one step closer to being sent to Gov. Pawlenty.

Minnesota celebrated its 150th birthday yesterday. Protesters were also present.

Bemidji serves as Capitol for a day.

Pawlenty caught a fish at the Fishing Opener but Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau caught a bigger one.

The governor joked about a lack of sex life.


GOP Sen. Norm Coleman is championing the Farm Bill.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin says the delegation is pleased with the bill which President Bush threatened to veto. It will be slugfest city after that.

The Farm Bill also adds to aim fruits and vegetables. DFL Rep. Collin Peterson is mentioned.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar opposes efforts to rescind the Renewable Fuels Standard.

There was a fight over Mother’s Day in Congress. GOP Rep. John Kline and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann are mentioned.

Kline writes an op-ed blaming Democrats for high gas prices. No mention of President Bush in the op-ed.

2008 Race for President

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar campaigned for Barack Obama in Montana.

McClatchy says Obama’s strategy is to use Klobuchar and Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill at events across the country.

The race for superdelegates is now tied.

Hillary Clinton spent Mother’s Day campaigning in West Virginia.

David Broder says the drawn out campaign may be hurting Obama.

The NY Times says John McCain and Obama are mapping their fall election strategies.

Barack Obama says he’s open to joining John McCain on the campaign trail.

Reuters says McCain is likely to be outspent this election.

Meanwhile, Politico says the GOP is getting crushed in polls, races.

Fred Barnes, with the Weekly Standard, says the GOP is gloomy.

This should help McCain among conservatives. McCain wants to battle climate change (that’s a joke).

2008 Race for U.S. Senate

AP and MPR have profiles of Democrat Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer.

Nelson-Pallmeyer and Franken worked the crowd at a DFL fundraiser in Atwater.

2008 Race for Congress

The Red Wing Republican Eagle has a profile of DFL candidate Steve Sarvi. He’s running in the 2nd District against GOP incumbent John Kline.

Pawlenty for VP Watch

The Star Tribune picks up on a Washington Post story that basically recycled Friday’s “The Fix” ranking of VP contenders.

Bloomberg says John McCain is keeping a lid on possible running-mates.

Marc Ambinder wonders whether Carly Fiorina could be the pick. She was campaigning for McCain in Michigan when Pawlenty was there.

2008 RNC

The person selected to run the show quit because of lobbying ties to Myanmar.

Another McCain aide also quits.

St. Paul may use skyways for ads during the RNC.

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