Locked and loaded

A GOP staffer said on Friday that it appeared DFL legislative leaders were preparing to send Gov. Pawlenty a handful of budget related bills if an overall budget agreement wasn’t reached by the end of the weekend…

In his words: “The missiles are in the silo but the launch button hasn’t been pressed yet.”

Well, the missiles are about to be fired regardless of the governor’s veto threats. The chairs of the Tax Conference Committee, the Budget Conference Committee, the Health Care Reform Conference Committee and the Education Conference Committee have been told to wrap up their bills. Floor action is expected to occur tomorrow. DFL Rep. Mindy Greiling said they would “use all of the tools in their toolbox” when asked if she would attempt a veto override.

DFL Sen. Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller said they would also send him a bill that included funding for the Central Corridor Light Rail Line.

Gov. Pawlenty and legislative leaders met around 5 pm to discuss the budget. They met for less than an hour. They say the main sticking point is over the size of a property tax cap. It’s uncertain whether they will meet again tonight but both sides said they hoped to meet again.

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